Colorful Alphabet Magnets <p>This is a colorful package of creative fun for your refrigerator to help you learn the Hebrew letters.</p> Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:32:02 +0300 Silver Plated Magnet with Seven Branch Menorah and Olives <p>This silver plated Magnet features a large seven branch Menorah in the center together with olives that sits above the word “Israel” that appears at the bottom.</p> Sun, 13 Dec 2015 09:43:20 +0200 Magnet with White Dove and Flag of Israel <p>This lovely magnet comes in the shape of a white dove, the symbol of peace. Adorning the detailed dove is the flag of Israel with the caption "Israel" by its side. </p> Mon, 18 Apr 2016 16:44:24 +0300 Red Hamsa Magnet with Mazal and Oriental Floral Pattern <p>This red Hamsa Magnet is shaped like a Hamsa, colored red, blue, white, green and gold and is decorated with a designs consisting of flowers and fish , has an eye in the center and the word "Mazal" at the top.</p> Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:32:02 +0300 Retro Scroll Magnet with Temple Depiction and Text <p>This magnet is shaped like an unfurled scroll and is decorated with a bright, full-color depiction of the Temple that stood in Jerusalem and appears beneath the word “Jerusalem” in Hebrew and English.</p> Thu, 10 Sep 2015 14:56:50 +0300 Ceramic Magnet with Green Background and Seven-Branch Menorah <p>This ceramic magnet has been decorated with pale green background and is adorned with a large seven-branch Menorah, olive branches and the word Israel at the bottom in orange English letters.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:00 +0300 Magnet in Hamsa Shape with Colorful Decorations <p>This lovely magnet comes in the shape of a Hamsa with "Mazal Tov", meaning "Good Luck" written in the center. The decorative Hamsa features colorful decorations such as flowers and fish for good luck.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:12 +0200 Magnetic Hebrew Alphabet Set with 36 Magnets <p>This set of 36 magnets is sure to provide hours of fun, espoecially for those just learning how to read and write in Hebrew. Each letter features a beautiful design with multiple magnets for common letters.</p> Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:27:25 +0300 Blue Metal Magnet with Large Star of David and ‘Israel’ in White <p>This metal magnet features different shades of blue on its body in the form of the sky over the ocean with white clouds that is overlaid with the word ‘Israel’ in white and a blue and white Star of David.</p> Mon, 18 Apr 2016 17:19:36 +0300 Magnet with Ana Bekoach Prayer, Doves & Decorations <p>Beautifully decorated with borders of pomegranates, flowers and doves on a background of neutral colors, the words Ana Bekoach stand out in blue, flanked by doves, with the prayer printed on yellow and orange.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:27 +0300 Rectangular Magnet with English Text and Western Wall Depiction <p>This magnet has a rectangular shape and is covered with a floral pattern on its outer rim surrounding the word ‘Jerusalem’ and a full-color view of the Western Wall known as the ‘Kotel’ in Hebrew in the center.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 Epoxy Magnet with Hebrew Home Blessing, Landmarks and Hamsa <p>This Hamsa magnet is made from Epoxy and features six landmarks in Israel around the home blessing in Hebrew in the center on a painted unrolled scroll.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:08 +0200 Home Blessing Magnet with Olive Branches & Pomegranates <p>A lovely magnet in red, yellow and a background of sky blue which features a blessing for the home of peace of the home, known as Shalom Bayit, which is the desired virtue of every Jewish home.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:27 +0300 Glass Magnet with Star of David, Blue Stripes, Chai and Blue Flower Bead <p>This glass magnet has a large blue Star of David in its center that has the Hebrew word "Chai" in its middle, two blue stripes of differing widths and a small blue bead near the top left corner.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:18 +0300 Magnet with Jerusalem Skyline and Landmarks <p>This magnet features several different important landmarks as well as the Jerusalem skyline in one large color photograph.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:08 +0200 Old City of Jerusalem Magnet <p>This magnet features an old depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem and includes famous landmarks. The city appears in its walls and is framed by the Judean Hills.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:08 +0200 Plastic Magnets with Colorful Hebrew Alphabet Letters <p>These plastic magnets come in orange, green, purple and blue and come in the shape of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These magnets are a great gift for children who are learning Hebrew!</p> Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:32:03 +0300 Tiberias Flower Magnet <p>This lovely magnet features the urban landscape of Tiberias, a beautiful city on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. A stone border with flowers frames the image creating a colorful look.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:08 +0200 Pomegranates, Peace, and Protection Hebrew Magnet <p>Two different pomegranate patterns make up this charming magnet with a prayer for the home on the simple, solid border. </p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:34 +0300 Magnet in Pink with 'Rabot Banot' Prayer <p>The magnet is printed with a phrase from the prayer "Eshet Chayil", a prayer sung to usher in the Sabbath queen on Friday night. The hues of red and pink capture the essence of the women.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:27 +0300 Israel Heart Magnet <p>This colorful magnet comes in the shape of a red heart adorned with the flag of Israel, a friendly camel with a decorated saddle and the word "Israel" in white.</p> Mon, 18 Apr 2016 16:54:25 +0300 Silver Plated Magnet with Jerusalem on a Scroll <p>This silver plated Magnet is shaped like an unrolled scroll and is decorated with an extremely detailed view of Jerusalem that includes the Western Wall and other famous locations in the city.</p> Tue, 12 Jan 2016 08:35:17 +0200 Tower of David Stamp Magnet with Hebrew and English Text <p>This magnet features a black and white image of the Tower of David and a camel on a light blue background, the name ‘Jerusalem’ in Hebrew and English and is accented by a blue floral pattern and postal stamps.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 Polyresin Chassidic Musician Magnet Playing Saxophone <p>This magnet is made from painted polyresin and features a red-bearded Chassidic musician in traditional black and white Eastern European clothing playing a bronze-colored saxophone.</p> Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:32:02 +0300 Peace Hebrew Written Blessing Square Magnet <p>A prayer for peace within the home is centered on this warm and bright magnet and bordered by pomegranates and leaves for an extra Jewish touch. </p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:34 +0300 Silicon Camel Magnet with IDF Insignia and Camouflage <p>This silicon magnet features the IDF insignia on the side of the camel in yellow above English text that reads ‘Israel Defense Forces’ and overlays a brown and grey camouflage pattern.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 Israel Magnet with English Text and Bright Decorations <p>This magnet features the name ‘Israel’ in blue, yellow, green, pink, sky blue and red letters that are overlaid with geometric strips and starbursts in orange, yellow, blue and red.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 3D Magnet with Klezmer Musicians and Jerusalem <p>This magnet features a three dimensions depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem behind a Klezmer band playing music by the Hurva Arch in the center above the word ‘Jerusalem’ at the bottom in orange.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 Magnet with Sunglasses and Images of the Dead Sea <p>These cool magnets come in the shape of retro sunglasses with images of the Dead Sea in each lens: one with the unique Dead Sea salts and the other with a woman floating by the shore.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:12 +0200 Stamp Magnet with Damascus Gate and Flock of Sheep <p>This magnet is designed to look like a stamp and is decorated with a full-color photo of the Damascus Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem and has the name Jerusalem in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300