15 Centimeter Jet Black Knitted Kippah with Scarlet Red Edging This colorful 15 centimeter wide jet black Knitted Kippah has a tight box weave and a bright scarlet red bottom edge in thinner yarn to create an item that is a perfect lifecycle event gift. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_15_centimeter_jet_black_knitted_kippah_with_scarlet_red_edging#p=5795 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 02:21:07 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_15_centimeter_jet_black_knitted_kippah_with_scarlet_red_edging#p=5795 Black Knitted Kippah with Raised Crocheting This black knitted kippah with raised crocheting features a beautiful spiral design creating the entire piece. A great gift for every friend! http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_kippah_with_raised_crocheting#p=5903 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 02:21:09 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_kippah_with_raised_crocheting#p=5903 Black German Velvet Kippah with Six Triangular Sections This black German Velvet Kippah features six sections, soft cloth interior and can be personalized with embroidered or painted decorations such as names in Hebrew. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_velvet_kippah_with_six_sections_and_ribbon_trim#p=4053 Mon, 07 Apr 2014 01:41:40 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_velvet_kippah_with_six_sections_and_ribbon_trim#p=4053 Dark Grey Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This Dark Grey Satin Kippah measures 20cm in diameter, has four sections, tin rim an can be painted or embroidered with Judaica objects and symbols. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_grey_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14027 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 09:40:59 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_grey_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14027 Black Six Section Terylene Kippah This extra large six section black terylene Kippah has a diameter of 26 cm. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_terylene_kippah_with_six_triangle_sections#p=4001 Sun, 30 Mar 2014 23:01:33 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_terylene_kippah_with_six_triangle_sections#p=4001 Red Felt Kippah with Four Sections and Stitched Lines This red felt Kippah features four sections made from high-quality felt that have been stitched together with red thread and has a thin line at the bottom that makes up its bottom rim. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_red_felt_kippah_with_four_sections_and_stitched_lines#p=49797 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_red_felt_kippah_with_four_sections_and_stitched_lines#p=49797 Black Velvet Kippah with Bottom Rim and Four Sections This modest sized and designed black velvet Kippah features four large sections and has a thin band of black trim on its bottom rim. An ideal addition to a Kippah collection! http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_velvet_kippah_with_bottom_rim_and_four_sections#p=49741 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_velvet_kippah_with_bottom_rim_and_four_sections#p=49741 Yair Emanuel Light Blue Silk Kippah This elegant kippah is made out of silk and is light blue in color, designed by Yair Emanuel http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_light_blue_silk_kippah#p=13749 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_light_blue_silk_kippah#p=13749 Black Suede Kippah with Metallic Gold Outlines and Four Sections This black suede Kippah features metallic gold outline bands that run along the outer rim of the Kippah as well as along the edges of each of its four equal sized sections. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_metallic_gold_outlines_and_four_sections#p=49613 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_metallic_gold_outlines_and_four_sections#p=49613 Purple and Navy Blue Suede Kippah with Four Sections This purple and navy blue suede Kippah features two sections in each color that sit parallel to each other and has a dark blue band running along its bottom edge. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_purple_and_navy_blue_suede_kippah_with_four_sections#p=49617 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_purple_and_navy_blue_suede_kippah_with_four_sections#p=49617 20 cm. White Wool Knitted Kippah This elegant 20 cm. wool Kippah is totally white, and id perfect for those looking for a large size. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_20_cm_white_wool_knitted_kippah#p=5403 Sun, 30 Mar 2014 23:01:21 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_20_cm_white_wool_knitted_kippah#p=5403 Silver Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This silver satin Kippah has four large sections, a rim along the bottom edge and can be personalized with embroidered images, text or both in a wide range of colors. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_silver_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=24909 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:22:10 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_silver_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=24909 Yair Emanuel Gold Machine Embroidered Kippah with Jerusalem Design This colorful gold kippah has been machine embroidered by Yair Emanuel and features a Jerusalem motif around the edges http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_gold_machine_embroidered_kippah_with_jerusalem_design#p=13683 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_gold_machine_embroidered_kippah_with_jerusalem_design#p=13683 Yair Emanuel Hand Embroidered Hat – Golden Jerusalem Structures This hat is part of the Yair Emanuel collection of hand embroidered hats displaying the astounding beauty of Jewish culture. This hat is designed with golden pictures of Jerusalem architecture. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_hand_embroidered_hat_golden_jerusalem_structures#p=13173 Sat, 14 Dec 2013 21:19:30 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_hand_embroidered_hat_golden_jerusalem_structures#p=13173 Yair Emanuel Red Cotton Hand Embroidered Kippah with Jerusalem Design This flashy red cotton kippah features a hand embroidered design by Yair Emanuel with a Jerusalem motif http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_red_cotton_hand_embroidered_kippah_with_jerusalem_design#p=13717 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_red_cotton_hand_embroidered_kippah_with_jerusalem_design#p=13717 Dark Grey Suede Kippah with Four Equal Sized Sections This Kippah is made from dark grey suede and features four equal sized sections that are edged with thin dark grey horizontal lines and has a band of thin dark gray trim on its bottom edge. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_grey_suede_kippah_with_four_equal_sized_sections#p=49629 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_grey_suede_kippah_with_four_equal_sized_sections#p=49629 Black Mesh and Cotton Kippah with Boston Celtics Logo and Four Sections Support the Boston Celtics with this black mesh and cotton Kippah that features the Celtics’ Logo consisting of a man holding basketball while leaning on a cane and wearing clovers on his short, hat and tie. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_mesh_and_cotton_kippah_with_boston_celtics_logo_and_four_sections#p=49643 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_mesh_and_cotton_kippah_with_boston_celtics_logo_and_four_sections#p=49643 Knitted Kippah with Bright Colors This knitted Kippah with bright colors features teal, orange, and burgundy. This would make a beautiful present for every Bar Mitzvah! http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_knitted_kippah_with_bright_colors#p=5309 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 01:01:27 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_knitted_kippah_with_bright_colors#p=5309 Blue DMC Knitted Kippah with Black Lines and Swirls This blue DMC Knitted Kippah features alternating shades of blue in a swirl pattern together with white highlights and is edged on the bottom with matching shades of blue. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_purple_dmc_knitted_kippah_with_black_lines_and_swirls#p=13993 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 09:40:41 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_purple_dmc_knitted_kippah_with_black_lines_and_swirls#p=13993 Yair Emanuel Magenta Patterned Machine Embroidered Kippah This magenta kippah is machine embroidered by Yair Emanuel and has a symmetrical pattern with a silver star on the top http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_magenta_patterned_machine_embroidered_kippah#p=13695 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_magenta_patterned_machine_embroidered_kippah#p=13695 22 Centimeter Kippah with Six Sections in Black Velvet, No Rim This traditional 22cm black velvet Kippah is sewn from 6 sections. It is finished simply with a stitched seam at the edge, without a border of black fabric. Appropriate for all the guests at a Jewish wedding. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_20cm_kippah_with_six_sections_in_black_velvet_no_rim#p=4061 Tue, 04 Feb 2014 22:41:23 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_20cm_kippah_with_six_sections_in_black_velvet_no_rim#p=4061 20cm White Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Silver Rim This 20 centimeter white Satin Kippah has four sections that can be embossed or embroidered with decorations and has silver and white lace trim along its bottom edge. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_20_cm_white_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=4021 Tue, 04 Feb 2014 22:41:06 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_20_cm_white_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=4021 Royal Blue Velvet Kippah with Four Sections and No Rim This rimless velvet Kippah has four large equal sized royal blue sections and a cloth interior. This item is a great addition to a Kippah collection and is an essential for the traditional Jewish home. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_royal_blue_velvet_kippah_with_four_sections_and_no_rim#p=49747 Tue, 07 Jan 2014 12:20:49 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_royal_blue_velvet_kippah_with_four_sections_and_no_rim#p=49747 Black Knitted Frik Kippah with Box Weave This black knitted Frik Kippah is large sized and features a flexible box waves that allows the Kippah to be stretched or shrunk to fit the wearer’s head. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_frik_kippah_with_box_weave#p=20811 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 12:41:41 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_frik_kippah_with_box_weave#p=20811 16cm Knitted Kippah with Green, Yellow and Blue Stripes This 16 centimeter Knitted Kippah features brightly colored stripes in green, yellow, blue and violet and white in a "spray" pattern and has box stitching. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_16_cm_knitted_kippah_with_green_yellow_and_blue_stripes#p=5079 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 01:01:19 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_16_cm_knitted_kippah_with_green_yellow_and_blue_stripes#p=5079 Set of 5, 17 Centimeter Knitted Kippah's with Silver Embroidery This set of 5, 17 centimeter knitted Kippah's with silver embroidery features a circular border along the rim of this great item. A great present for any loved one to wear to every Shabbat! http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_15cm_white_knitted_kippah_with_silver_lace_trim#p=5261 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 01:01:40 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_15cm_white_knitted_kippah_with_silver_lace_trim#p=5261 Yair Emanuel Magenta Machine Embroidered Kippah with Floral Design This magenta colored kippah is machine embroidered by Yair Emanuel and features a floral design http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_magenta_machine_embroidered_kippah_with_floral_design#p=13707 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_magenta_machine_embroidered_kippah_with_floral_design#p=13707 Multi-Colored Knitted Kippah This multi-colored knitted Kippah features different blues and natural embroidery. This would make a great present for any friend! http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_multi_colored_knitted_kippah#p=5083 Wed, 05 Feb 2014 01:01:19 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_multi_colored_knitted_kippah#p=5083 Yair Emanuel Tree Embroidery on White Kippah This beautiful white kippah has tree embroidery in brown and with green leaves. It is made by Yair Emanuel. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_tree_embroidery_on_white_kippah#p=44729 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_yair_emanuel_tree_embroidery_on_white_kippah#p=44729 Maroon Yair Emanuel Embroidered Kippah – Date-Palm Trim This Yair Emanuel kippah is maroon colored and embroidered with an orange and red date-palm trim. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_maroon_yair_emanuel_embroidered_kippah_date_palm_trim#p=44739 Sun, 08 Dec 2013 15:19:15 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_maroon_yair_emanuel_embroidered_kippah_date_palm_trim#p=44739