16 cm dark blue suede kippah with hand-painted border This 16 centimeter dark blue suede kippah with hand-painted border features an intricate silver and gold painted depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem encircling the border. This would make a special gift for any young friend! http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_16cm_dark_blue_suede_kippah_with_hand_painted_border#p=5935 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_16cm_dark_blue_suede_kippah_with_hand_painted_border#p=5935 Kippah Velcro Strip Pack This pack of Velcro includes 40 piece that stick via adhesive to the bottom outer edge of a Kippah to endure that the Kippah sits comfortably on the wearer’s head and does not fall off. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_kippah_velcro_strip_pack#p=13795 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:42 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_kippah_velcro_strip_pack#p=13795 Velvet Kippah Divided into Six Parts with no Rim This kippah of black velvet is simply divided by stitching into six different sections and lack a rim. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_velvet_kippah_divided_into_six_parts_with_no_rim#p=13807 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:43 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_velvet_kippah_divided_into_six_parts_with_no_rim#p=13807 Leather Kippah with Silver Seams This kippah is made of leather and split into four sections by its silver seams. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_leather_kippah_with_silver_seams#p=13901 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:43 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_leather_kippah_with_silver_seams#p=13901 Black Knitted Kippah with Thick Yarn This medium sized black Knitted Kippah is made up of thick black yarn, has a tight weave and is designed to sit securely on the wearer’s head. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_kippah_with_thick_yarn#p=13913 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:43 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_kippah_with_thick_yarn#p=13913 Satin Kippah with Israeli Star of David This soft, satin kippah bears the blue Israeli Star of David and a border of matching blue on the bottom. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_satin_kippah_with_israeli_star_of_david#p=13957 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:43 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_satin_kippah_with_israeli_star_of_david#p=13957 Black Knitted Kippah with Embroidered Star of David in Gold This black Knitted Kippah features a gold thread bottom rim and a large traditional Star of David in its center that has been embroidered with gold thread is made from thick yarn. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_kippah_with_embroidered_star_of_david_in_gold#p=13989 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:44 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_knitted_kippah_with_embroidered_star_of_david_in_gold#p=13989 Ivory Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This Ivory Satin Kippah measures 20 centimeters in diameter, has no rim and can be personalized with embroidered thread decorations. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_ivory_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14019 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:44 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_ivory_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14019 Brown Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This brown Satin Kippah measures 20cm in diameter, is made from fine satin, has four sections and can be decorated with embroidered or painted designs. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_brown_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14021 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:44 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_brown_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14021 Turquoise Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This Turquoise Satin Kippah measures 20 centimeters in diameter, has four sections and can be decorated with embroidered Judaica items or Hebrew text. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_turquoise_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14023 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:44 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_turquoise_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14023 Bordeaux Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This Bordeaux Satin Kippah is 20cm wide, is a bright shade of red, has four sections and rim and can also be personalized with embroidered decorations. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_bordeaux_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14025 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:45 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_bordeaux_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14025 Dark Grey Satin Kippah with Four Sections and Rim This Dark Grey Satin Kippah measures 20cm in diameter, has four sections, tin rim an can be painted or embroidered with Judaica objects and symbols. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_grey_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14027 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:47:52 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_grey_satin_kippah_with_four_sections_and_rim#p=14027 White Knitted Kippah with Blue Star of David and Stripes This white Knitted Kippah features a large blue and silver Star of David in the center and two blue stripes on its midsection and border rows of holes and has a white bottom section. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_knitted_kippah_with_blue_star_of_david_and_stripes#p=18849 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_knitted_kippah_with_blue_star_of_david_and_stripes#p=18849 Dark Blue Terylene Kippah with Four Sections This dark blue Terylene Kippah has four sections that can be decorated with embroidered names, Judaica objects as well as line designs and floral patterns. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_blue_terylene_kippah_with_four_sections#p=20805 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_dark_blue_terylene_kippah_with_four_sections#p=20805 Cloth Kippah with Camouflage and Embroidered IDF in Hebrew and English This medium-sized Cloth Kippah features a camouflage pattern on its four sections, a black bottom edge and the abbreviations IDF in Hebrew above the words "Israeli Army" that are embroidered in yellow. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_cloth_kippah_with_camouflage_and_embroidered_idf_in_hebrew_and_english#p=20985 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_cloth_kippah_with_camouflage_and_embroidered_idf_in_hebrew_and_english#p=20985 Brown and White Striped Frik Kippah with Air Holes This Frik Kippah was crocheted using thin, strong yarn and features brown and white alternating stripes that also have small air holes for breathability and comfortable wearing. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_brown_and_white_striped_frik_kippah_with_air_holes#p=21079 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_brown_and_white_striped_frik_kippah_with_air_holes#p=21079 Red and Yellow Striped Frik Kippah This large sized crocheted Frik Kippah features alternating dark yellow and red stripes in concentric circles that cover its entire body and is made from strong yarn. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_red_and_yellow_striped_frik_kippah#p=21083 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_red_and_yellow_striped_frik_kippah#p=21083 White Frik Kippah with Black and Dark Blue Band This white Frik Kippah has a band of air holds running around the middle and is decorated on its bottom edge with thin black stripes that frame a dark blue stripe and create a two-colored band. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_frik_kippah_with_black_and_dark_blue_band#p=21069 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_frik_kippah_with_black_and_dark_blue_band#p=21069 White Frik Kippah with Two Sets of Light Blue and Brown Bands This white Frik Kippah is made from strong yarn and is decorated on its bottom half with two sets of light blue and brown bands with the light blue bands framing the brown bands. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_frik_kippah_with_light_blue_and_brown_bands#p=21087 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_frik_kippah_with_light_blue_and_brown_bands#p=21087 Knitted Freak Kippah with Blue, Red, Green and Grey Stripes This Freak Kippah features alternating bands in two different widths in dark blue, red, green and grey. The Kippah was crocheted and has bands of air holes for ventilation of the head. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_knitted_freak_kippah_with_blue_red_green_and_grey_stripes#p=21095 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 09:13:02 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_knitted_freak_kippah_with_blue_red_green_and_grey_stripes#p=21095 Black Suede Kippah with Locomotive and Hebrew Letters This black suede Kippah is decorated with brightly colored locomotives in red, silver and gold together with Hebrew letters in red, yellow, blue, purple and gray. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_locomotive_and_hebrew_letters#p=21133 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_locomotive_and_hebrew_letters#p=21133 Black Suede Kippah with Trains and Hebrew Letters This leather Kippah has four sections and is decorated on its outer edge with brightly colored locomotives and letters from the Hebrew Alphabet in shades of red, yellow, green, blue and purple. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_trains_and_hebrew_letters#p=22703 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_trains_and_hebrew_letters#p=22703 Hebrew Aleph Bet Black Velvet Kippah for Kids Gold and silver colored Hebrew Aleph Bet are embroidered onto this black velvet kippah, a lovely gift for a child during his upsherin ceremony. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_hebrew_aleph_bet_black_velvet_kippah_for_kids#p=40425 Tue, 26 Aug 2014 18:34:15 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_hebrew_aleph_bet_black_velvet_kippah_for_kids#p=40425 Black Suede Kippah with Four Sections and Baseball Stitching This modest=sized black suede Kippah has four triangular sections that are connected by baseball stitching and also have outer rims. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_four_sections_and_baseball_stitching#p=22717 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_four_sections_and_baseball_stitching#p=22717 Black Suede Kippah with Four Sections and Thick Rim This medium-sized black suede Kippah features baseball stitching on the edges of each of its four sections and a thick outer rim that is made of black lace. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_four_sections_and_thick_rim#p=22719 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_four_sections_and_thick_rim#p=22719 Black Suede Kippah with Thick Rim and Baseball Stitching This large sized black suede Kippah features a black lace bottom rim and four sections that are attached to each other and the rim via baseball stitching. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_thick_rim_and_baseball_stitching#p=22721 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_suede_kippah_with_thick_rim_and_baseball_stitching#p=22721 White Terylene Kippah with Four Sections and Silver Waves This white Terylene Kippah features a band of silver-colored waves on its bottom edge and has four large sections that can be personalized with embroidered objects or words. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_terylene_kippah_with_four_sections_and_silver_waves#p=22737 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_terylene_kippah_with_four_sections_and_silver_waves#p=22737 White Terylene Kippah with Silver Flowers and Zigzag Lines This white terylene Kippah has four sections and is decorated in the center of each section with a silver flower as well as with a zigzag line that wraps around the bottom of the Kippah. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_terylene_kippah_with_silver_flowers_and_zigzag_lines#p=22747 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:47 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_white_terylene_kippah_with_silver_flowers_and_zigzag_lines#p=22747 Black German Velvet Kippah with Six Sections and Triangles This large-size black German Velvet Kippah has six sections and can be decorated with embroidered or painted Judaica items, name or other objects. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_german_velvet_kippah_with_six_sections_and_triangles#p=31851 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:46 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_black_german_velvet_kippah_with_six_sections_and_triangles#p=31851 Metal Kippah Clips with IDF Insignia and Hebrew Text This set of metal Kippah Clips is decorated with the insignia of the Israeli Army with a Star of David, olive branch and sword in green, white and brown above the IDF’s name in Hebrew at the bottom. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_metal_kippah_clips_with_idf_insignia_and_hebrew_text#p=32033 Mon, 25 Aug 2014 16:34:46 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/kippot/p_metal_kippah_clips_with_idf_insignia_and_hebrew_text#p=32033