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Kiddush Fountains

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Kiddush Fountains

The mitzvah of Kiddush is the subject of considerable debate in traditional Jewish texts such as the Talmud. Those discussions established that there is a commandment, or Mitzvah, of making a blessing over a cup of wine that indicates the separation between the status of the regular work day and that of Shabbat and holidays at the beginning and end of those days.

In addition to this, it is common for numerous people to be present at Shabbat and holiday meals, which creates the situation in which a large number of people must drink of some of the wine used during Kiddush. Kiddush fountains are items which developed in order to help make this process simple.

What is a Kiddush Fountain?

Kiddush Fountains are Judaica items that are used to dispense the wine used when making Kiddush to all present. Kiddush fountains consist of a large Kiddush Cup, a fountain with approximately eight holes and an equal number of small cups. The number of small cups is flexible and can be as many eleven or even eighteen, but they always match the number of holes in the fountain. Kiddush fountains also come with a large tray that has a matching design and has several small feet along its outer edge.


Kiddush fountains can be made of several different materials although they are typically made of sterling silver or lacquered wood. Other metals such as nickel and pewter are sometimes used as is ceramic. Glass is typically not used in the actual foundtain although the small cups may be stained glass or glass that is painted with Judaica items.


Kiddush fountains are typically engraved with Judaica items that are related to Kiddush, such as grape clusters the end of the blessing made over the cup of wine, “Boreh Pri HaGefen”, “He who creates the fruit of the vine.” Other common decorations include Jerusalem, the seven species, animals, roses, floral patterns and cords. In addition, the cups may be engraved on the inside with Kabbalistic texts that features anagrams of Hebrew words as well as the names of angels and G-d.

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