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Jewish Pictures Guide

Picture frames and pictures have an interesting position in Judaism. Since Jewish tradition dictates that images of G-d or other items within the context of worship is illegal, pictures mostly manifested themselves in the form of decorations on books for most of Jewish History, unless it was an item that wold be used in a synagogue. However, since the 1800s, there has been an explosion in Judaica art, which has also led to an expansion of the picture within Judaism as well as different genres of Jewish pictures.

What are Jewish pictures?

Judaica pictures are wall hangings or decorative pieces that usually have a Judaism-related theme or item in the center.


Judaica pictures may be frames that are made of ceramic, stained glass or metal or be picture frames that have a scene painted on a canvas. They may also be posters made of laminated paper.


Because of their nature, Judaica pictures may contain almost every Judaica item imaginable or any scene imaginable. Some of the most popular pictures contain images of locations in Israel or Jerusalem such as Israel Museum, Knesset, Montefiore’s windmill and idyllic scenes of the Old City of Jerusalem. In addition, rabbinical figures such as the Baba Sali are commonly found on pictures. Good luck charms such as Stars of David and Hamsas also figure prominently on these items because they also frequently also contain religious texts.

Judaica pictures may also be of a religious nature and contain religious texts such as Home and Business Blessings. Home and business blessings typically have the text of the blessing in the center in Hebrew, although the blessing can be other languages as well. In addition, these blessings occasionally contain ceramic bowls and plates that are decorated with scenes of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, Menorahs and Hamsas. In addition, Judaica pictures may also feature the blessings made when lighting candles at the start of Shabbat and the Eishet Chayil section of the Book of Proverbs.

Judaica picture frames usually feature scenes of Israel and Jerusalem, including locations such as the Western Wall, the Tower of David, the Dead Sea and Tiberias. In addition, picture frames frequently have text on them, such as “Israel”, “Jerusalem”, “I Love Israel” or “From Israel with Love.”


Judaica pictures are some of the most customizable items available and may feature painted or engraved names. In addition, the picture itself can feature anything the heart desires.

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