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  • New 9,000 Strong Gaza Flotilla to Set Sail after World Cup

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on July 06, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    Preparing for the next flotilla: After a number of reports on the intent of several organizations to send another “freedom flotilla” to the Gaza Strip, the “European Campaign to Break the Gaza Siege,” an organization based in Brussels, announced that the next flotilla is being prepared to embark within the next two weeks, and that it will include 7 boats and 9,000 participants.

  • “If Israel doesn’t apologize, we’ll cut ties.”—Turkey

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on July 05, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    Minister Ben Eliezer’s meeting didn’t change a thing for the Turks, who are only intensifying their threats. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Debotolo repeated Ankara’s demand for an apology for the “attack” on the Gaza aid flotilla: “Ties will be cut off if Israel does not apologize.” Regarding the Israeli inquiry, said: “If it decides that the raid was unjustifiable and they apologize, that will suffice.”

  • Is Jewish Settlement in the West Bank Coming to its End?

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on July 04, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    Right before he flies to Washington, hawkish Likud officials are once again putting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership to the test:

  • Bulgarian Foreign Minister supportive of Israel: “Turkish Government went too far”

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on July 02, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov who is now visiting Israel expresses a supportive view of Israel’s managing the “flotilla affair”.

  • Iran transfers advanced radar to Syria

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on July 01, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the advanced radar system can detect planes taking off and will improve Hizballah’s capabilities. The IDF confirmed the report.

  • Former Israeli Spy “Green Prince” Granted Asylum in US

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on July 01, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    The son of a Hamas founder who converted to Christianity, disowned his family, and became a spy against Hamas for the Israeli counter-terrorist agency the Shabak, was granted asylum today by a California judge after the federal government backtracked on demands that he be deported to Ramallah on the grounds that he aided and abetted a terrorist organization. Mosab Hassan Yousef was defended in court by his Shabak handler who up until that point did not reveal his identity in public. He came out of anonymity in order to defend Yousef and quite possibly save his life.

  • Mullen: Israel understands the risks of attacking Iran

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on June 29, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen says that Iran’s statements, according to which their nuclear program is designed for civilian needs, cannot be trusted. Though he warned: “An attack would destabilize the Middle East.”

  • Turkey Closes Airspace to Israeli Traffic

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on June 28, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    The deterioration in relations continues between Jerusalem and Ankara in the wake of the events surrounding the Gaza flotilla. After fiery anti Israel remarks from Turkey’s leaders, the blow to economic and security ties and the demand for compensation and an apology, comes yet another sanction. Prime Minister Erdogan was quoted as saying: Israel planes will not be allowed to fly in our airspace.

  • Israel Lebanon War Brewing over Gas Fields?

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on June 27, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    Is there yet another Israel-Lebanon war on the horizon?

  • Israel’s former Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz: Israel will Defend Itself

    Posted By Mike Rosenthal on June 24, 2010 | Leave a Comment

    “Israel has the right and the ability to defend itself. If pushed to the corner, I assume it will know how to do so”, quoted Israel’s former Chief of Staff and former Israeli Air Force Commander, Dan Halutz. This was said during an interview that Halutz gave today at the Alhurra Television Network.

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