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Haredi Activist Poppenheim Threatens War in Wake of Tal Law Expiration

Yesterday, the controversial Tal Law expired and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the Military to start drafting Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men en-masse.  The Haredi public has reacted with anger and threats of widespread civil disorder.

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Tal Law Could Bring Down Government in Wake of Plesner Commission

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shut down the Plesner Commission that was supposed to revamp the controversial Tal Law, causing threats for a complete shutdown of the Knesset.

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Ahmad Tibi: Ilan Ramon’s Name on Aerospace Center Insults Arabs

Ahmed Tibi, the MK who is known for visiting countries Israel is still technically at war with and rhetoric that echoes that of MK Hanin Zoabi, demanded that the new aerospace center in Taibe not carry Ilan Ramon’s name.

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IDF Bombs Weapon Factories near Nuseirat Refugee Camp after Palestinians Fire Rockets Israel to Hand Terrorists’ Bodies Over to PA, Right Wing to Condemn Israel Prime Minister's Father Passes Away at 102 Axe-Wielding Palestinian Attacks Jewish Man in Jerusalem Israel Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Attacks Israel Military Industries Develops Bunker-Buster Bomb Iran Raises Mideast Tensions with Warships Sent to Syria More Israel News

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