Faceted Black Onyx Engraved Ring in Sterling Silver <p>This spectacular sterling silver ring features a large 15 mm faceted square but black onyx with a detailed engraved band for a chic look. Ring available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_faceted_black_onyx_engraved_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51275 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_faceted_black_onyx_engraved_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51275 Faceted Blue Topaz Engraved Ring in Sterling Silver <p>This beautiful engraved sterling silver ring features a faceted 14 mm blue topaz for a breath taking look. Ring available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_faceted_blue_topaz_engraved_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51277 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_faceted_blue_topaz_engraved_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51277 Black Onyx Engraved Ring in Sterling Silver <p>For a classic look this sterling silver ring features a smooth 14x10 mm black onyx and engraved band. Ring available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_black_onyx_engraved_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51279 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_black_onyx_engraved_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51279 Stackable Filigree Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver and 18k Yellow Gold <p>Featuring 18 karat yellow gold bezel and accents, this 4 mm amethyst ring is stunning with its sterling silver filigree design band. This ring may be stacked with other rings. (Sold separately)</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_stackable_filigree_amethyst_ring_in_sterling_silver_and_18k_yellow_gold#p=51283 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_stackable_filigree_amethyst_ring_in_sterling_silver_and_18k_yellow_gold#p=51283 Filigree Fleur-De-Lis Ring in Sterling Silver <p>This sterling silver ring features an intricate filigree design with fleur-de-lis detail and round edges. Ring Available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_filigree_fleur_de_lis_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51289 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_filigree_fleur_de_lis_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51289 Filigree Ring in Sterling Silver <p>For a vintage feel this sterling silver ring has a detailed filigree design perfect for everyday wear. Ring Available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_filigree_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51291 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_filigree_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51291 Smoky Quartz Filigree Ring in Sterling Silver and 18k Yellow Gold <p>This sterling silver ring features filigree detailing around a 14 mm faceted smoky quartz with 18 karat yellow gold bezel for a royal look. Ring Available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_smoky_quartz_filigree_ring_in_sterling_silver_and_18k_yellow_gold#p=51293 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_smoky_quartz_filigree_ring_in_sterling_silver_and_18k_yellow_gold#p=51293 Green Amethyst Oval Ring in Sterling Silver <p>Make a statement with this sterling silver ring featuring a faceted 8x18 mm oval green amethyst and scroll details for a fresh look. This ring is available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_green_amethyst_oval_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51327 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_green_amethyst_oval_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51327 Smoky Quartz Scroll Ring in Sterling Silver <p>Featuring a delicate scroll detail band this sterling silver ring is topped with a faceted 7x9 mm smoky quartz for an extraordinary look. This ring is available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_smoky_quartz_scroll_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51329 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_smoky_quartz_scroll_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51329 Green Amethyst Scroll Ring in Sterling Silver <p>This beautiful 7x9 mm green amethyst ring features scroll detailing around its band in sterling silver. This ring is available in sizes 6, 7 and 8. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_green_amethyst_scroll_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51331 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_green_amethyst_scroll_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51331 Smoky Quartz Stacking Ring Set in Sterling Silver <p>This lovely set of three sterling silver stacking rings includes one7x9 mm smoky quartz ring and two decorative scroll design bands. These rings are available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_smoky_quartz_stacking_ring_set_in_sterling_silver#p=51335 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_smoky_quartz_stacking_ring_set_in_sterling_silver#p=51335 Tapered Rope Pearl Ring in Sterling Silver <p>This sterling silver rope design ring features a 15 mm white freshwater pearl has a tapered band for a comfort fit and superior style.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_tapered_rope_pearl_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51355 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_tapered_rope_pearl_ring_in_sterling_silver#p=51355 Rope Design Pearl Ring Set in Sterling Silver <p>These exquisite sterling silver rings each features a braided rope design band with 6 mm freshwater pearl. Wear one ring alone or stack all three for an extra special look. Set of three rings.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_rope_design_pearl_ring_set_in_sterling_silver#p=51357 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:49 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_rope_design_pearl_ring_set_in_sterling_silver#p=51357 V’erastich Li Ring in 14K Rose and White Gold <p>“And I betroth thee unto me” (from the book of Hosea)… Captured beautifully in this timeless piece made of finely crafted 14K rose and white gold.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_v_erastich_li_ring_in_14k_rose_and_white_gold#p=51809 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_v_erastich_li_ring_in_14k_rose_and_white_gold#p=51809 Simani K’Chotem Al Libechah Rotating Wedding Ring 14K Yellow Gold <p>Love goes around and comes around. This gorgeous wedding ring has fine textures and is crafted of 14K yellow gold by skilled artisans and made in Israel. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_simani_k_chotem_al_libechah_rotating_wedding_ring_14k_yellow_gold#p=51811 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_simani_k_chotem_al_libechah_rotating_wedding_ring_14k_yellow_gold#p=51811 Modern Jewish Wedding Vow Ring 14K Gold <p>The Hebrew text makes up the entire design of this gorgeous wedding vow ring. The line Harei At Mekudeshet Li transliterates to “With this ring, I thee wed” –Made of 14K gold.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_modern_jewish_wedding_vow_ring_14k_gold#p=51813 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_modern_jewish_wedding_vow_ring_14k_gold#p=51813 14K Gold Ring with Ancient Roman Glass Dial <p>A stunning ring rich in texture and fine craftsmanship, featuring a framed dial of sparkling Ancient Roman Glass. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_14k_gold_ring_with_ancient_roman_glass_dial#p=51817 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_14k_gold_ring_with_ancient_roman_glass_dial#p=51817 Jerusalem Ring in 18K Gold with Diamonds <p>An amazing ring made of fine 18K gold with a depiction of the Holy City engraved in rich detail, bordered by a row of brilliant diamonds set in white gold, handcrafted in Israel.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_jerusalem_ring_in_18k_gold_with_diamonds#p=51819 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_jerusalem_ring_in_18k_gold_with_diamonds#p=51819 Roman Glass 14K Gold Filigree Ring <p>Ancient Roman Glass meets Yemeni Filigree in this gorgeously crafted ring. 2,000 year old Roman glass gives this ring a royal air.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_roman_glass_14k_gold_filigree_ring#p=51821 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:50 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_roman_glass_14k_gold_filigree_ring#p=51821 Sterling Silver Ring with Floral Pattern and Swarovski Crystals <p>This sterling silver ring features an elaborate floral pattern consisting of a flower and scrolling lines and is covered with blue, white and green Swarovski crystals.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_sterling_silver_ring_with_floral_pattern_and_swarovski_crystals#p=54183 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:52 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_sterling_silver_ring_with_floral_pattern_and_swarovski_crystals#p=54183 24k Gold Plated Silver Megemeria by Yvel Ring with Imprinted Triangles <p>This lavish piece of jewelry is a 24k gold plated silver ring that is completed covered with small triangles. The triangles appear to be imprinted and add a unique appearance to the ring.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_24k_gold_plated_brass_megemeria_by_yvel_ring_with_imprinted_triangles#p=63529 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:01 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_24k_gold_plated_brass_megemeria_by_yvel_ring_with_imprinted_triangles#p=63529 14k Yellow and White Gold Spinning Ring with Jerusalem Skyline <p>This spinning ring features a white gold spinning band with a yellow gold spinner that is decorated with a highly detailed inscribed image of the Old City of Jerusalem.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_14k_yellow_and_white_gold_spinning_ring_with_jerusalem_skyline#p=67403 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:05 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_14k_yellow_and_white_gold_spinning_ring_with_jerusalem_skyline#p=67403 Cocktail Ring with Hammered Circle in Matte Gold <p>This Israeli crafted cocktail ring is plated with gold and features a hammered circle with a matte finish and adjustable size setting for a bold fashionable statement.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_cocktail_ring_with_hammered_circle#p=70057 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_cocktail_ring_with_hammered_circle#p=70057 Matte Gold Ring with Flowers & Swarovski Stones <p>This Israeli crafted matte gold plated ring is decorated with a cluster of studded flowers and features colorful Swarovski stones as the flower eyes for a fresh and modern look.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_gold_ring_with_flowers_swarovski_stones#p=70083 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_gold_ring_with_flowers_swarovski_stones#p=70083 Cocktail Ring in Rose Gold with Pacific Opal <p>This fashionable cocktail ring is crafted from magnificent plated rose gold and features a round surface with a Pacific Opal Swarovski crystal in the center. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_cocktail_ring_in_rose_gold_with_pacific_opal#p=70089 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_cocktail_ring_in_rose_gold_with_pacific_opal#p=70089 Gold Chunky Ring with Bezel Turquoise Stones <p>This chunky modern ring is crafted with plated gold and features five bezel set turquoise Swarovski stones and a textured matte finish for a contemporary and rustic look. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_chunky_ring_with_bezel_stones#p=70101 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_chunky_ring_with_bezel_stones#p=70101 Gold Ring with Swarovski Crystals in Prong Setting <p>This classic ring style offers a gold plated ring with a row of decorative Swarovski crystals featured in a prong setting.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_gold_ring_with_swarovski_stones_in_prong_setting#p=70121 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_gold_ring_with_swarovski_stones_in_prong_setting#p=70121 Silver Ring with Flush Set Crystal Stones <p>This silver plated ring is crafted by Israeli jewelry makers Danon and features crystal stones in a flush setting for a tasteful and elegant look. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_silver_ring_with_flush_set_crystal_stones#p=70153 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_silver_ring_with_flush_set_crystal_stones#p=70153 Curved Hammered Ring in Gold <p>This gold plated ring is made by Israeli jewelry makers Danon and features a curved design with a hammered finish for a flattering modern look. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_curved_hammered_ring#p=70165 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_curved_hammered_ring#p=70165 Gold Ring with Cabochon Pearl <p>This gorgeous gold plated ring is made by Israeli jewelry makers Danon and features a cabochon pearl in a bezel setting.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_gold_ring_with_cabochon_pearl#p=70169 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:08 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/jewish-jewelry/rings/p_gold_ring_with_cabochon_pearl#p=70169