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Name Jewelry Guide

Jewelry is often used to accessorize and personalize an outfit; with jewelry you are able to make a statement about you and your personal style. A beautiful necklace with a nameplate is called a Name Necklaces. What better way to express yourself than with a Hebrew name necklace! Name necklaces are personalized for each individual. From the type of lettering to the design each individuals name necklace is unique to them.


Name necklaces became popularity after Carrie Bradshaw (played by the actress Sarah Jessica Parker) wore one on the hit TV show Sex and The City. They have continued to rise in popularity since and are now available with a Jewish twist. It has become a trend has been to gift name necklaces to teenage girls. Since name necklaces are elegant, classy and stylish, these unique and highly customizable necklaces are an appropriate and stunning gift for all ages.


Each name necklace is personalized and custom made to order. Name Necklaces are available in a variety of styles and in a variety of types of lettering. Types of lettering include: classic Hebrew bock (print) lettering, Hebrew cursive (script) lettering. Some designs feature a combination of print lettering in both English and Hebrew, or a combination of script lettering in both English and Hebrew. Cut out style lettering is also available in Hebrew in both print and script lettering.

Additional styles include your name in Hebrew print lettering ending with the addition of a delicate butterfly with stone detail. The heart design features your name in Hebrew script lettering complete with a flourish and heart below it, this design adds a feminine touch to the name necklace.


All name necklaces are available in your choice of precious metal. Precious metals available to choose from include .925 Sterling Silver, White Gold, and Yellow Gold. Some name necklaces may also contain stone. In addition, each necklace is available with your choice of a 14", 16", 18", or 20" chain of matching precious metal to further personalize the necklace.

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