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IDF Jewelry Guide

Since the creation of the state of Israel and the winning of its independence in 1948, it’s become a trend to show support for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a trend that’s grown in popularity over the last few years. Though there are many types of Judaica products that are designed specifically to show support for the IDF, jewelry, especially necklaces and pendants, have become a great way for both men and women to put their allegiance on public display.

What is IDF Jewelry?

IDF jewelry refers to the fashionable pieces of jewelry that are designed in both material and decoration to represent the IDF of sometimes a specific unit or branch of the Israeli military. The most common and most popular of these Judaica pieces are pendants of all sorts. The best thing about these pieces is that they are appropriate and often worn by men as well as women breaking the general gender barrier that exists in jewelry so that the IDF can be supported by all.


IDF Jewelry employs a wide range of materials to accommodate the tastes of everyone who wishes to support the troops constantly guarding the Holy Land. Metals are commonly used in IDF jewelry as this is a material closely associated with the military be it is also a material widely used in army equipment. Finer pieces may also be found made of gold or silver for those with a more expensive taste in jewelry.


Though the material of IDF jewelry helps connect the various pieces to military themes, it is the decorations of IDF jewelry that truly show where your heart lies. There are all types of pendants in this category including dog tags, bullets on chains, Stars of David, and many others. Most bullet pendants are exact replicas in shape and size of the common 5.56cm M-16 bullet used by the IDF. These usually hang from a chain and bear one of the many symbols connected to the Israeli military.

These kinds of symbols are the most important pieces of IDF jewelry as they are used to decorate almost every piece of IDF jewelry, be it a bullet or Star of David pendant. One Popular symbol is that of the Israeli paratroopers, or tzanhanim, known for their famous jump into battle over the Suez Canal in 1956. The symbol used for the paratrooper unit in IDF jewelry is of a parachute with two great wings extending from its sides matching the pin worn on the uniform of every soldier certified to jump from an airplane. Other well-known symbols include those of the Israeli air force, the combat unit Golani, and the various special forces of the IDF.

Other pieces cleverly apply text saying things like “IDF”, “Tzahal”, or “I love Israel”.

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