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Bracelets Guide

Bracelets are a great jewelry accessory to add to any outfit. Some bracelets can be worn daily and others are meant for special occasions. Bracelets serve as a great gift for Jewish occasions such as Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. When a girl reaches adulthood at the age of twelve, a sophisticated piece of jewelry such a bracelet makes for the perfect gift.

Jewish and Kabbalah themed bracelets are very popular today. Jewish bracelets feature Star of David, Chai, IDF, and Shema prayer designs. Kabbalah bracelets feature Hamsa and evil eye symbols.


The Star of David, also known as Magen David or Shield of David, is a hexagram shape composed of two triangles. This symbol has roots in ancient prayer books and synagogues. Today the Star of David is associated with the Jewish community and is featured in the center of the Israeli flag. This symbol is popular on Jewish bracelets as an engraved design or as a charm.

Chai refers to the word 'life' in Hebrew. The two letters that compose this word are commonly displayed on Jewish jewelry items. The numbers associated with these letters add up to eighteen, which has taken on spiritual meaning in Judaism. Gifts of money are often given in multiples of eighteen for this very reason.

IDF bracelets are also popular among diaspora Jews. These bracelets are usually in a cuff shape, made of leather or metal, and feature the initials of the Israeli defense forces in English or Hebrew. These bracelets proudly display support for Israel and its army.

Many Jewish bracelets display the words of the Shema prayer, "Hear O Israel: the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is one." The Shema is one of the more commonly known prayers which declares belief in one G-d.

The Hamsa and evil eye symbols are featured on Kabbalah red string bracelets. These symbols represent protection from evil. The Hamsa is an open hand symbol with extended fingers. The Hamsa image is frequently used by Middle Eastern cultures and religions. Both the Hamsa and evil eye symbols can be featured on the bracelet material itself and as a charm hanging off the bracelet.


Bracelets can be made of materials such as metal, nickel, and stainless steel. More sophisticated bracelets can be made of 925 sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold.

The bracelet design can be a chain, cuff, charm, or string. Chain bracelets look elegant and tend to be a bit pricier. Cuff and charm bracelets are usually worn for everyday use. Many women love the idea of collecting charms for their own personalized bracelet.

Kabbalah bracelets are often made of red string, sometimes braided. These bracelets feature a Hamsa or evil eye symbol.

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