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Jewelry Boxes Guide

There are numerous Judaica items that are appropriate gifts for numerous special occasions. However, there are also items which are appropriate for specific events. Judaica-themed Jewelry Boxes are Judaica items which are ideal for weddings or a Bat Mitzvah.


Judaica-themed Jewelry Boxes can be made of any material. The most popular boxes are wood, stained and frosted glass, ceramic and metals such as pewter and nickel. Precious metals such as silver and gold are seldom used in these pieces other than as trim or accenting. Wood jewelry boxes may be lacquered and painted or finished and are usually made of mahogany, olive or maple.


Jewelry boxes can be any shape, size or color and may be decorated with a wide range of images and items. The most popular decorations include depictions of the Old City of Jerusalem, flowers, pomegranates, Hamsas, Stars of David and Menorahs. In addition, Jewelry Boxes may be decorated with Armenian flower patterns as well as wood and porcelain mosaic patterns.

In addition, boxes are frequently decorated with gemstones and crystals. Judaica-themed Jewelry Boxes may also be painted with scenes from the Torah, such as animals exiting Noah’s Ark or the Exodus from Egypt.

Jewelry Boxes may also be decorated with text such as the words “Bat Mitzvah” in Hebrew and English, the word “Chai” in Hebrew and the name “Jerusalem”. In addition, they may be decorated with verses from the Priestly Blessing or the phrase “May G-d bless you to you be like, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah” in Hebrew.

Jewelry Boxes also come in a wide range of shapes, including square, rectangular and round. In addition, they may also be shaped like pomegranates, which are considered to be symbolic of success in Judaism.


Jewelry Boxes may be personalized with names in Hebrew and English as well as dates of special occasions such as a Bat Mitzvah.

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