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Tie Clips Guide

The tie clip can be divided into several more minor categories of accessories for men. The idea has been around for nearly 200 years and certain clips have gone in style only to fall from the public’s grace shortly thereafter. Yet in all of their long history and many forms, they have always had just one job: controlling a tie from too much movement, or in other words, keeping its users looking as professional as possible.

What is a Tie Clip?

The idea of the tie clip came out nearly 200 years ago as a way to keep men and their ties as prim and proper as the could possibly be. The term “tie clip” refers to the many forms of accessories that have existed to control ties.

Tie chains were once quite popular but have now faded out of common use. Made of all sorts of heavy materials, tie chains would clasp onto a button of the shirt and the heavy chain itself would then rest across the tie keeping it in place. Another form of clip used was the tie pin, most popular in 19th century England where they were often custom made and a symbol of high class and sophistication.

Currently, the most stylish way of keeping you tie to itself (and your shirt) is the tie bar which simply clips on to both the fold of your shirt and the side of your tie holding the two inseparable.


Throughout their use, tie clips have been symbols of class and high fashion. Therefore, the materials they are created from have usually been of rich materials. Silver and gold are the most desired tie clips as far as worth and class is concerned. This also created an advantage for tie chains because of the heavy weight of these materials. In the world of fashionable attire, plain metal is now often used to create a simple, but sleek look of professionalism. In reality, tie clips of nearly any material can be found including leather.


Style has been most important throughout history in connection to the tie clips decorations. When tie pins began being massed produced in America, they often bore designs of animal heads, flowers, and shields as well as many others. The tie bars of the 20th century have carried an unimaginable number of designs from trains, to spoons, to flowers. In modern fashion, most agree that simple is better and go for a plain design.


Once, before mass production, the most fashionable tie clips were self-designed for a personal touch. Even now this can still be done and it’s a great way to support a little-known sports team or perhaps your old army unit.

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