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Money Clips Guide

Money clips are known and considered as accessories for the gentleman of gentleman. Often made from expensive materials, many different forms of clips have developed as a finer alternative to a wallet.

What is a Money Clip?

Put simply, a money clip is the use of a metal clip to hold your money or credit cards without the use of a wallet. Though some have struggled with opening the clips or putting a large amount of money in them, money clips have come to mean more as a fashion than a tool. Carrying a money clip instead of a wallet has become recognized as a symbol of class and stature.

Currently, there are many different types of clips including those that use magnets instead of hard metal.


Traditional money clips are made of precious metal and don’t come cheap, though they are considered the classiest and most legitimate style to be found. Rich materials such as platinum, gold, silver, titanium, and stainless steel are the most common materials in use making this a traditionally expensive, but fashionable accessory.

A recent addition to the money clips market, carbon fiber money clips provide many useful advantages while retaining the professional, sleek feel of titanium or gold. These clips can be opened wide with greater ease and without bending them out of shape as is the case with metal. In addition, they can be taken through metal detectors while remaining safe in your pocket.


Many decorations exist for money clips including brand names, or well-known images or slogans. More impressive than what may be displayed money clips is how they can be originally shaped.

Some clips are wider than others, some longer or shorter. There are money clips that look like watches or cut in the shape of a dollar sign for those of you who love money (that should be everyone). Some creative designs are cut into the shape of words for a loved one, or there is even a money clip reminiscent of a Swiss Army Knife with scissors and a can opener. The options are truly endless.

Another popular style of money clip is the money clip wallet. These generally contain a wallet-like section for credit cards and other papers, while clipping cash to its back with a metal or plastic clip.


In the effort to be as elegant and professional as possible while adding a bit of meaning to your money clip, you may want to look into personally designing your own. Many such services are available and a personal touch of class will be added to an already elegant style.

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