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Flash Drives Guide

A flash drive is not generally thought of as an item of fine judaica. They are simple and useful items that bring information gathering and transfer into the technology age. Flash drives make it simpler for us to collect our important documents and files, while being able to retrieve them from a different computer with ease.

What is a Flash Drive?

A traditional flash drive is a smart and handy tool to keep your important files in a safe place. It is generally about the same size as a stick of gum, sometimes even smaller. Flash drives replaced the floppy disk when IBM introduced the product to the world market in the year 2000. There were other initial versions sold in the East, but the original IBM item to sell in North America was called DiskOnKey and was both designed and built by the Israeli company M-Systems.

The floppy disk had been both large and easily breakable. For these reasons, the flash drive with its easy connection to both keychain and computer plug in made it an instant replacement and within a matter of only a couple of years, the floppy disk was suddenly obsolete.

Flash Drives as Judaica

So how could flash drives truly be considered judaica? So often we find that technology and religion collide in opposing force, so how can a flash drive be included in the Jewish tradition and culture?

Well, many flash drives have now started bringing today’s rich technology and yesterday’s spiritual religion together in a unique way. At World of Judaica, we provide fine flash drives that already hold the Tehillim or Psalms of the Torah for easy access to these wonderful prayers anywhere you go! With all the ease of any flash drive, you can simply pop off the cap and plug it in for instant religious stimulation.


These modern flash drives that have been cleverly adapted for religious use also keep in line with traditional judaica art with a fitting design of symbolist decorations and rich materials. These designs include all types of Jewish symbols including Stars of David, the good luck Hamsa, and Hebrew text. These types of images have been found a place on the surface of these flash drives.

In addition, judaica flash drives keep with the Jewish tradition of richly forged judaica. Just like the Shabbat candlesticks and Hanukkah menorahs that diaspora Jews carried with them into exile, the flash drives are made from fancy materials such as gold and silver so that you can display how important the Psalms are to you.

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