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Cuff Links Guide

Cuff links, like so many accessories have been creatively forged into the Judaica market to bring Jewish meaning and rich culture to a simple piece of fashion. Its origins lie in France with the great King Louis but have since become fashion the whole world round. While they were once very popular, they are now considered a luxury item.

What are Cuff Links?

Cuff links are what once fashionably held your button-less cuffs together. The majority of shirts now have buttons on the cuffs foregoing the seemingly forgotten cuff link. But they are still prevalent among the fashionable.

The earliest shirts like those of today were about in the early 1500s, but the cuff link only came to be when King Louis of France himself did away with the old strings that had been tying cuffs together and invented a new device: the cuff link.


To close your sleeves with the aide of cufflinks is now considered to be luxurious and upper class, so the used materials tend to reflect this trend. Most cuff links are made of rich material. Gold and pure silver are common sites on the cuff links market while diamonds and glittering jewels of decorative quality are also highly desired additions to close your cuffs.

However, there are other options available that present a cheaper product that is equally as stylish. The French Charvet button otherwise known as a monkey’s fist or Turk’s head was introduced to the scene in 1904 and quickly caught on. In present day, these are barely made of silk as elastic is preferred for is durability. Over time, this product became fashionable enough that many metal cuff links are made to mimic the Charvet buttons.

Style and Decoration

There are a number of different styles employed by the cuff link and a limitless amount of decorative possibilities. One stylistic choice is the Charvet button mentioned above, but the generally popular choice is the two disc-shaped ends connected by a small rod or chain. These can be worn with “kissing” cuffs when the ends are pinched together and pointing outward. Cuffs can also be clasped together with one cuff end overlapping the other. “Kissing” is generally preferred.

Decoration comes in an extensive number of possibilities. The end of the cuff link that is visible can be decorated with nearly anything. Any sort of etching or meaningful symbol is fashionably sound and some are even studded with expensive diamonds or jewels.

For More Information

For more information on cuff links or Judaica, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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