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Tableware Guide

Tableware consists of the important table accessories necessary for your dining table. Festive meals are a part of Jewish tradition and usually take place during Jewish Holidays. Many Jewish families will have separate more decorative set of tableware for Shabbat as it is a mitzvah to beautify the Shabbat in any way possible, including decorating your table with lovely Shabbat tableware accessories. World of Judaica offers an extensive collection of tableware items for a multitude of Jewish celebrations.

What is Tableware?

Tableware, or dining wear as it is often refer to as, is any item used to set or decorate a table. There are many types of tableware accessories. Working from the table up, types of tableware includes tablecloths, runners, dishes and cutlery. Serving dishes, trays, napkin holders, napkin rings, salt and pepper shakers, salt bowls, and trivets are also types of tableware. Tableware also includes items used to decorate the table such as vases. Table wear can come in sets or as individual items.


Tableware supplies can come in many different materials including wood, linens, glass, sterling silver, wood, and aluminum. Napkin holders are usually made of aluminum or wood while napkin rings can be made of sterling silver. Serving baskets, tablecloths and runners are typically made of cotton, wool, or raw silk. Salt and pepper shakers can come in either wood or sterling silver. Most salt bowls and boats are either crystal or sterling silver. Vases are made of glass, crystal, sterling silver, or a combination of crystal and sterling silver. Dishes, serving trays, and platters can be ceramic, glass, and sterling silver.


Tableware can range from very simple and plain to highly ornate and decorative. At World of Judaica we offer a wide selection of styles to match your homes aesthetic. Common themes in Judaica tableware include images of pomegranates and the seven spices. Other common themes include elaborate scenes of vistas of the old city of Jerusalem, the western wall biblical scenes and many floral patterns. Apples are also a common decoration, particularly on Rosh Hashanah honey dishes.

Wood items such as salt and pepper shakers are typically hand painted, very vibrant in color and lacquered for protection and waterproofing. Linen items such as tablecloths, runners, and folding baskets are often embroidered; patterns can range from simple floral patterns to elaborate scenes of Jerusalem.

Sterling silver tableware is traditionally etched or display detailed repousse floral scenes.

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For more information on Tableware or other kitchen items, feel free to contact our Judaica Experts with any questions or concerns.

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