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Pillow Covers Guide

Your Jewish home should be full of beautiful home decor. This refers to Jewish art, kitchen items, and linens. Design your home with unique pieces of furniture, linens, and more from World of Judaica. When picking out these items, it is important to decide your personal style and choose a color scheme for the room. There is a lot of flexibility in terms of home decor options. One important choice is how to decorate your couch with pillows and pillow covers. Do you want throw pillows and pillow covers or an envelope pillow cover? Will the pillow covers match the couch and the general room decor?

About Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are pieces of fabric designed as a case for your throw pillows for a couch or sofa. Pillow covers are a great idea for your living room pillows because they protect your pillow from damage and can easily be removed if you want to wash them or replace them. Decorative pillow covers add style to a simple couch and to the whole room decor. Choose the type of decoration and material for the pillow covers in your living room or family room.


Pillow covers can be made out of any material, from cotton to wool to velvet. Fancier pillow covers are often made from raw silk and feature embroidery designs.


Pillow covers can be decorated with a variety of designs, ranging from simple colors to elaborate floral designs. World of Judaica offers pillow covers in nature scenes with flowers, trees, and vine motifs. Jewish designed pillow covers include symbols such as pomegranates, which are rumored to have the same amount of seeds as Mitzvot in the Torah. Many pillow covers on World of Judaica are designed by Yair Emanuel, a famous Israeli artist. He is well known for his patch work designs in shades of the same color.

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For more information about Pillow Covers or other Judaica items, feel free to Contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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