Jerusalem Hanukkah Deidel by Adi Sidler in Blue <p>Handcrafted by Adi Sidler a laser cut, hip and modern Jerusalem scene is presented here in this cool two tone silver and electric blue colored Hanukkah dreidel.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:44 +0300 Children’s Tzitzit Garment with Palm Trees, Beach and Hebrew Text <p>This white Tzitzit garment features an image of a beach with palm trees and has the word "Tzaddik KaTamar Yifrach" that means "The Righteous will blossom like a date palm" in English.</p> Mon, 13 Jul 2015 08:52:54 +0300 Brass Dreidel with Stars of David and Hebrew Text <p>This brass Dreidel features numerous Stars of David in different sizes that are overlaid with Hebrew text consisting of the letters Nun, Gimmel, Hey and Peh.</p> Sun, 26 Jul 2015 09:27:31 +0300 Nickel Tzedakah Box with Locomotive Design <p>This nickel Tzedakah Box has been modeled after an old locomotive and has details such as rivets, smoke stack, cabin and wheels as well as cowcatcher and light and has a slot at the top of the cabin.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:41 +0300 Children’s Fimo Mezuzah with Woman Lighting Candles and Divine Name <p>This children’s Mezuzah features a small figurine of a woman lighting candles, a divine name of G-d made up of the Hebrew letters Shin, Daled and Yud, striped background, Hebrew letter Shin and accenting lines.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:53 +0300 Fimo Mezuzah with Mickey Mouse, Hebrew Letter Shin and Colorful Striped Band <p>This Fimo Mezuzah is decorated with a Mickey Mouse figurine on its body in homage to the most popular Disney cartoon character on a colorful striped background together with a Hebrew letter Shin at the top.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:53 +0300 Silver Aluminum Star of David Hanukkah Dreidel by Adi Sidler <p>What a smart looking Hanukkah dreidel! Designed by Adi Sidler, a Star of David has been cut from and coiled from the center of a silver anodized aluminum disk.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:44 +0300 Mesh Tzitzit Garment with Machine Spun Strings <p>This mesh Tzitzit Garment is made from thin, breathable material and has strings attached to each corner in accordance with Jewish Law that follow Ashkenazi tradition.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:52 +0300 Dark Blue Leather Kippah with Jerusalem Image and Triangles <p>This dark blue leather Kippah has four sections that are overlaid with a continuous brown, orange and green image of Jerusalem at the bottom beneath a band of triangles that are surrounded by a green band.</p> Mon, 16 Nov 2015 22:04:56 +0200 Silver Aluminum Square Shaped Spiral Hanukkah Dreidel by Adi Sidler <p>A sleek and modern square shaped spiral Hanukkah dreidel made of anodized aluminum and handcrafted by Israeli born artist Adi Sidler. </p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:44 +0300 Yair Emanuel Children's Wooden Puzzle in Peacock Shape <p>A lovely way to present a children's game and Judaica piece of art for children together, this puzzle, by Yair Emanuel, is colorful, soft and pretty. </p> Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:54:37 +0300 Colorful Educational Alef-Bet Puzzle Elephant Shaped by Yair Emanuel <p>An educatational child game with Yair Emanuel's design. Entertaining puzzle that teaches the Hebrew alphabet while children play, Jewish kids must have this Judaica item. </p> Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:56:15 +0300 Kippah Clips with Hebrew Aleph Bet Designs <p>Sure to look adorable with any children’s kippah, these kippah clips feature multi colored Hebrew Aleph Bet with different themes on each one, including sports, planes and trains.</p <p><b>There are 12 clips per pack.</b></p> Thu, 19 Nov 2015 14:09:18 +0200 Yair Emanuel Colorful Building Children's Puzzle <p>A beautiful and entertaining children's toy and piece of Judaica decoration by Yair Emanuel that will make you and your child very happy. </p> Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:53:26 +0300 14 cm. Silver Plastic Kiddush Cup <p>This realistic 14 cm. silver colored plastic Kiddush cup is a lookalike to the real thing. </p> Sun, 22 Nov 2015 22:40:57 +0200 Sterling Silver Plated Kiddush Cup with Sun, Yeled Tov, Heart and Dove <p>This sterling silver plated Kiddush Cup features and inscribed heart, sun, dove and small child together with the Hebrew phrase "Yeled Tov" that means "Good Boy" in English.</p> Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:57:32 +0300 Modern Turquoise ‘Letters’ Aluminum Hanukkah Dreidel by Adi Sidler <p>This Hanukkah dreidel is another cool creation by Adi Sidler. The round anodized aluminum disk has Hebrew letters cut out with precision and has been colored an electric turquoise blue.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:44 +0300 Farm Scene and Hebrew ‘Modeh Ani’ Embroidered Children’s Tzitzit <p>A colorful farm scene is sewn next to the morning ‘Modeh Ani’ prayer in Hebrew on this creative and fun children’s tzitzit. </p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:35 +0300 Black Velvet Kippah with Sports Equipment and Four Sections <p>This four section velvet Kippah is decorated on its sections with a large white and black soccer ball, orange and black basketball, white and red baseball and a white and blue volleyball.</p> Mon, 16 Nov 2015 22:04:55 +0200 Pistachio Aluminum Spiral Hanukkah Dreidel by Adi Sidler <p>Wow comes to mind with this modern spiral Hanukkah dreidel made by Adi Sidler. The gorgeous pistachio color of this anodized aluminum won’t ever fade.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:44 +0300 Gray Sun Ray Aluminum Hanukkah Dreidel by Adi Sidler <p>Adi Sidler handcrafted this contemporary and cool version of a Hanukkah dreidel which is comprised of gray laser cut anodized aluminum that has been fashioned into a sun like rays.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:44 +0300 Black Velvet Kippah with Jerusalem and Embroidered Old City Depiction <p>This black Velvet Kippah includes four sections and is adorned with a panoramic view of Jerusalem in bright colors and has the name “Jerusalem” in English above the view of the Holy City in gold thread.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:02 +0200 Black Mesh and Cotton Kippah with Houston Astros Logo <p>This black mesh and cotton Kippah features the Houston Astros logo with an embroidered white and red star logo on one of its four sections. An excellent gift for a sports fan!</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:48 +0300 Blue Paper "My First Siddur" in Hebrew <p>This 'First Siddur' is designed for boys learning about Judaism and contains prayers such as the Shema and blessing over Tzitzit.</p> Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:01 +0200 Round Dreidel with Large Flower Petals, Hebrew Text and Small Beads <p>This round Dreidel features large flower petal in deep colors around the spinner in the center accented by a small bead and has the Hebrew letters Nun, Gimmel, Hey and Peh on its outer rim together with beads.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:56 +0300 Children’s Fimo Mezuzah with Elmo and Blue and Purple Stripes <p>This Fimo Children’s Mezuzah is decorated with red Elmo figurine on a purple and blue striped background that covers it entire body, Hebrew letter Shin and blue caps accented by light blue glitter.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:53 +0300 Blue Mesh and Cotton Kippah with Tampa Bay Rays Logo <p>This blue cotton and mesh Kippah has four sections and is decorated on one side with the Tampa Bay Rays Logo that features a ‘T’ and ‘B’ embroidered in white letters.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:48 +0300 Black Mesh and Cotton Kippah with Chicago White Sox Logo <p>This black mesh and cotton Kippah is embroidered with the word ‘Sox’ in stylized English language font on one of its sections that is the logo for the Chicago White Sox baseball team.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:48 +0300 Red Mesh and Cotton Kippah with Philadelphia Phillies Logo <p>This red mesh and cotton Kippah has four sections and is decorated on one side with the logo for the Philadelphia Phillies that consists of a large embroidered white letter ‘P’.</p> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:48 +0300 Silver Dreidel with Swarovski Crystals, Hebrew Text and Jerusalem Image <p>This silver Dreidel is round in shape and is covered with Swarovski crystals, Hebrew Text and a detailed view of Jerusalem framing the spinner in the center.</p> Sun, 26 Jul 2015 09:27:04 +0300