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Chuppah Guide

Chuppahs serve as important wedding decorations. A chuppah can be designed in many different styles. Chuppahs in the form of Tallit may be simple white or have an elaborate design of Magen David Jewish stars or Hebrew text. Tallitot can be made of cotton, embroidered fabric, and delicate raw silk materials. These all make for wonderful Chuppah design ideas.

What is a Chuppah?

A Chuppah is a canopy covering traditionally used for Jewish weddings. The couple stands under the Chuppah during the marriage ceremony, which includes many Jewish rituals. One such ritual requires the bride to walk around the groom seven times upon arriving under the Chuppah to represent completeness.

Also under the Chuppah, the groom presents the wedding ring to the bride and the Rabbi or selected guests recite the seven blessings.

Jewish Weddings

Jewish weddings include joyous ceremonies and celebrations for family, friends, and the community to enjoy together. Judaism is a communal religion in which happy occasions are celebrated together. A Jewish wedding custom is to have a party after the wedding ceremony with lots of guests. The party includes many L'Chaims or toasts to congratulate the bride and groom and give them blessings. A beautiful Chuppah adds to the joy of this monumental occasion. Search through the lovely Chuppah collection at World of Judaica.


Chuppahs can come in cloth, silk, and embroidered fabrics. Quilted fabrics may also be used to create a Chuppah. Fancier Chuppah materials include raw silk. The type of fabric and the size determine the price of the Chuppah. A Chuppah in the form of a Tallit is usually made of high quality cloth, often Turkish cloth.


World of Judaica offers a selection of high end Chuppah designs for a Jewish wedding. Buy a chuppah for your own upcoming wedding or as a gift to a friend! Yair Emanuel, a renowned Israeli artist, is known for his unique Chuppah design ideas. The chuppah designs include pomegranate motifs, representing the 613 Mitzvot, and Hebrew text. A popular Hebrew quote on the Huppah wedding canopy translates to 'Make these beloved partner joyful, just as you made your creations joyful in the Garden of Eden long ago' and comes from the collection of Jewish wedding blessings. Another popular Jewish wedding quote is 'I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.' Choose a Chuppah with one of these meaningful quotes or a simple design. Jerusalem designs are popular for Jewish wedding Chuppahs.

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