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Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding

Your loved one is getting married! Mazal tov! This calls for a celebration and an amazing wedding gift to go along with the no doubt fabulous Jewish wedding. It’s time to pick out the perfect gift, something that some of our less than experienced customers may have a little trouble with.

Our incredible Jewish wedding gift selection includes amazing Judaica art pieces, from stunning sterling silver Candlesticks perfect for livening up a Shabbat table to incredible Kiddush cups are sure to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit, World of Judaica has it all. We at World of Judaica are committed to providing our customers with the perfect Jewish wedding gifts. Our varied Jewish gift selection is known for its incredible quality and irrefutable craftsmanship and our designs are perfect for any and all Jewish weddings.

For an extra special gift, give an Emanuel Tallit to the groom for synagogue or to the couple to use as their Chuppah!

For more information on our incredible Jewish gifts we recommend that our valued customers visit our helpful Jewish Celebrations page which features a compiled list of amazing holiday, bar and bat mitzvah and bris presents that are sure to please. Learn all about Jewish celebrations, holidays and anything Judaica by visiting our easy to navigate Learning Center pages.

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Jewish Wedding Guide

The Jewish Wedding is one of the most important life cycle events during a lifetime. There are numerous rituals that are performed during the marriage ceremony, which means there are several items used that are considered to be Judaica. Many of the items used in a Jewish wedding are items used in other areas of Jewish life while others are specific to the wedding.

Items Used in a Jewish Wedding

The most important items used in a Jewish wedding ceremony are the wedding ring and the Ketubah. Under Jewish Law, the ring cannot have gemstones on it and must be a solid piece of metal. However, it can be engraved with phrases or molded into a specific shape.

The other item, the Ketubah, is the marriage contract between the groom and bride that is signed before the marriage ceremony by two witnesses. The Ketubah is usually written in Aramaic and sometimes has an English translation.

There are also other items that are used in the wedding ceremony such as a Kiddush Cup, a glass that is broken at the end of the wedding ceremony by the groom and the Kittel. The Kittel is a white robe-like garment that is first worn by a Jewish man during his wedding ceremony and is typically worn on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur afterwards for the rest of his life. The Kittel is worn in the Ashkenazi community; Sephardic Jews do not typically wear a Kittel.


The Judaica items used in a wedding can be decorated with a wide range of items, motifs and designs.

The Ketubah is commonly decorated with Judaica items and scenes, such as Jerusalem, two large rings, a large Kiddush Cup as well as the Vienna Gateway that is depicted on the front page of the Babylonian Talmud. The text of the Ketubah, which normally is in Aramaic, may be in any Hebrew language font the couple would like.

Kittels are typically decorated with lace trim and are sometimes embroidered with geometric and floral patterns on the collar and outer label where it is buttoned closed.

The other items used in a wedding, such as the Kiddush cup used during the ceremony, may be decorated with any of the common decorations such as Jerusalem, grape clusters, engravings of names among numerous other decorations.


The Ketubah is one of the most common personalized items used in a wedding and may be decorated with virtually anything the couple desires, from floral patterns and Jerusalem to scenes from the Torah portion read the week of the couple’s wedding In addition, the text can be personalized in some communities to suit the couple’s taste, although this is fairly uncommon.

Other items, such as Kiddush Cups, may also be personalized, but since many wedding take place in locations such as synagogues, this is typically not the case unless the item is a wedding gift.

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