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Baby Pins Guide

The blessing of a newborn baby is a miraculous event that is celebrated in Judaism. The birth of a child is an important and joyous lifecycle event. For baby girls, the big celebration is the baby naming ceremony on her eighth day of life. For baby boys, Jews are commandment to perform a ritual circumcision in the form of a Brit Milah ceremony. The Bris symbolizes the child's covenant with G-d. Babies are not given a name or called by name until the eighth day. The circumcision is so important that it may take place on Shabbat.

It is traditional custom to bring gifts to these ceremonies for the baby, the mother, and the family to use. A unique gift is a baby pin. Baby pins can be used to secure a diaper bag or as decoration for the stroller. In addition to baby pins, baby blessings and games and toys serve as wonderful gifts for this Simcha.

Baby Pins

Baby pins can range from simple to sophisticated. Jewish baby pins usually feature a Magen David and Hamsa symbols. The Magen David is a hexagram shape that has come to be associated with the Jewish community in modern times. It is currently featured on the Israeli flag. The Hamsa is a Kabalistic symbol that represents protection from evil in Middle Eastern cultures as well as the Jewish religion.

A popular baby pin design features multiple charms of Magen David, Hamsa, and baby designs. Cradle pins make for great gifts to hang from the child's crib. Cradle pins often feature evil eye motifs to protect the baby from harm.

Some baby pins are made of plastic with a multicolored bead design, while more exquisite baby pins are made of sterling silver or gold.

Baby Blessings

Baby blessings are also a great gift to bring to a Bris or a baby naming ceremony. Baby blessings can come in the form of a hanging mobile to place above a crib or a wall hanging to display as home decoration. These blessings usually bless the baby girl or boy, wishing health, happiness, and a successful path in life.

Baby blessing wall hangings can be made of ceramic or wood materials and usually come with a hook for easy set up. The boy baby blessing comes in blue and the girl baby blessing comes in pink. The wall hanging is in the shape of Hamsa.

Games & Toys for Children

It is popular custom to bring games and toys for the newborn child. These can include stuffed animals, baby blankets, rattles, and mobiles. Jewish toys can be stuffed Torah books or Israel map placemats.

Games and toys can be made of a variety of materials. Mobiles and rattles are usually made of plastic.

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