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Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah

Bat mitzvah time is an extremely exciting time in every girl’s life. Upon becoming an official adult, at leas as far as Jewish Law is concerned, the bat mitzvah girl is showered with gifts of all kinds; books, clothes, and, of course jewelry. Bat mitzvah jewelry is perhaps the most popular type of jewelry.

Bar mitzvah jewelry encompasses all type of jewelry: earrings, bracelets, pendants and more. If you are looking to buy bat mitzvah jewelry for a loved one, a few questions should be taken into account as you shop around for the perfect necklace, ring or any other jewel. Firstly, of course, decide on your budget. Bat mitzvah jewelry made of gold and diamonds will be less affordable than bat mitzvah jewelry made of copper. If your budget is limited, do not be discouraged; some of the most beautiful bat mitzvah jewelry is actually on the inexpensive side. For instance, a beautiful heart silver necklace with two matching heart silver earrings can be very affordable, yet, at the same time, beautiful and classy. A Star of David zircon pendant is absolutely stunning, and surely is much more affordable than actual diamond. Do not let your limited budget stop you from shopping around for the perfect bat mitzvah jewelry, because are sure to find something.

Then, once your budget has been assessed, try to find out the girls’ taste in jewelry. Bat mitzvah jewelry, often, means jewelry that bears a Jewish identity. For example, Chai necklaces are very popular bat mitzvah jewelry, because they are elegant, beautiful and Jewish-themed. Does the bat mitzvah girl ever wear Jewish jewelry? If she does not, will she be happy to finally own a piece? Bat mitzvah jewelry is all about the girl, her wants, what makes her happy, but it is also about celebrating her womanhood and becoming an adult. Usually, people like to somehow incorporate a Jewish feel into the jewelry. Instead of buying a Chai or Star of David pendant, you can have the girl’s Hebrew name engraved into her bat mitzvah jewelry. This is a great idea because such jewelry transcends age limits, meaning that she will love this jewelry long after her bat mitzvah, and it also makes for a great heirloom.

Bat Mitzvah

In Judaism, the Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage for girls at the age of twelve. Girls are considered adults at this time according to Jewish tradition. It is not a requirement for girls to read Torah the way it is for boys at their Bar Mitzvahs, but sometimes girls may give a speech or Dvar Torah about the Torah portion of the week. It is customary for some to have a Bat Mitzvah party and invite family and friends to celebrate this joyous occasion. This a great opportunity to shower the Bat Mitzvah girl with gifts.

For the Bat Mitzvah, it is customary to give out Kippahs to guests at the Saturday morning service. Another important tradition of the Bat Mitzvah is to give the girl gifts such as jewelry, jewelry boxes, and Judaica such as Candlesticks, and Tzedakah Boxes.


Kippahs are often given out to friends and family at the Saturday morning Torah service. The Bat Mitzvah girl's male relatives usually read from the Torah or have an Aliyah during the service. They should adorn a beautiful new Kippah for the special occasion.

Kippahs can be made of leather, suede, satin, velvet, or knitted material. Kippahs come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be personalized. It is common to personalize a Kippah with the Bat Mitzvah girl's name and the date.


Jewelry is a traditional gift to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah girl's entrance into adulthood. Bat Mitzvah jewelry is quite common. The type of jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants. The jewelry can range from classic everyday jewelry to extravagant diamond pieces.

Bat Mitzvah jewelry is distinguished by the Jewish symbols of the Magen David, Hamsa, or Choshen designs. Other options include personalized Hebrew name necklaces or a necklace of a Mezuzah or the Ten Commandments, symbolizing the girl's commitment to Judaism. This jewelry can be made out of sterling silver, gold, and stainless steel.

Jewelry Boxes

The Bat Mitzvah girl will be accumulating a plethora of jewelry during the time period, since it is such a popular gift. She will need a jewelry box to store all of her precious jewelry in. This is a unique gift that will be prominently displayed in her room. Jewelry boxes are most commonly made of wood and feature different types of designs. The box may close with a clasp or a lock and key.

For a Bat Mitzvah, a jewelry box with Hebrew writing or personal engraving is a great gift.

Candleholders & Candle Sticks

Candlesticks make for a wonderful Bat Mitzvah gift, because they serve as a gift that can be used throughout the girl's lifetime. It is customarily a woman's role to light the candles on Friday night before Shabbat. A single woman usually lights one and a married woman lights at least two. The Bat Mitzvah girl can light one candle until she is married and bring this candlestick set to her married home.

These Bat Mitzvah gifts will last a lifetime and can be passed on from generation to generation.

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