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Lily Art Guide

Lily Art is an Israeli company producing and supplying fine Judaica products across the world. Since they founded the Tel Aviv based business in 1992, David and Lily Shohat have kept up a high standard of Jewish culture and tradition displayed in modern day fine art. Lily Art’s running themes and creative designs have become quite popular with Jewish costumers and the couple has experienced a fair amount of success.

What is Lily Art?

As explained above, Lily Art is the Judaica art company owned by Lily Shohat and her husband David. All Lily Art products are created and produced in Israel. But what does the name Lily Art mean for a costumer?

Lily Art means qualitative beauty. Lily Art means the Judaica products that your celebrations, holidays, and home decorations you deserve. What makes Lily an artist is not only her unique mixtures of colorful decorations complementing the chosen materials, it is her uncanny ability to take a piece of Jewish tradition and give it the modern, aesthetically pleasing feel of quality, 21st century Judaica.


The main material used in Lily Art products is glass. Some artists might struggle with the constant use of one material feeling that it is extremely limiting but Lily has found great inspiration in the small things and made each piece differently. Whether elegant Hanukkah menorahs, large Seder plates, or Jewish home blessings, Lily Arts glass works have a unique life of their own that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Additional materials in Lily Art’s collection are mostly metals such as her line of aluminum Hanukkah menorahs and pewter mezuzahs. Lily also designs gorgeous mezuzahs of wood and embroidered challah covers.


Lily is no doubt known best for her variety of stunning decorations and colorful designs repeatedly used in every different collection of products. It’s in these decorations that her true prowess as a Judaica artist shows its command of design. Her abstract view of the city of Jerusalem features an orange background and multi-shaded red mosaic in the foreground. Above the mosaic are domes of yellow, artistically representing the golden domes of Jerusalem. Another of Lily’s most stunning patterns is of curvy swirls of gold over designs of an amazing shade of electric blue. These blue patterns are arranged in circles and they themselves sit atop a brilliant shade of royal purple that makes these pieces worthy of the King David himself.

What’s the best thing about these designs that customers love so much? They are repeated throughout Lily’s entire collection. Did you love her honey dish with the Jerusalem motif described above? It’s also available on a Kiddush cup, Matzah plate, candlesticks and much more.

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For More information on Lily Art or any other Judaica items, please feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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