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Kakadu Guide

A unique artisan workshop for designs in wood, Kakadu has long been regarded as an exceptional Israeli brand name, Kakadu offers a wide selection of handmade and hand painted wooden items for the home. Creating products that are colorful and artistic as well as durable and useful, Kakadu never compromises on hand-painting each and every item in its selection. From their innovative and patent wooden carpets, which can double as wall hangings, to their decorative tableware and furniture, Kakadu has something to suit your every Home Décor need.

About Kakadu

Located in Moshav Tzafririm- Elah Valley, next to the “Adulam” Forest Preserve, Kakadu was founded in 1990 by Aharon and Reut Shahar, Kakadu offers a wide variety of handmade and hand painted items for the home. Reut is an artist and musician and has developed unique techniques for hand painting wood. Aharon being a woodworker and designer contributes to both manufacturing and designing the products. Aharon has developed a finishing technique that allows all Kakadu products to be used constantly for years without wearing out.


Kakadu is forever reinventing itself with new ideas, new designs and new collections. Currently producing over 150 originally designed items, Kakadu is continually coming out with new styles, designs, and products.

Taking much inspiration from art, nature + ecology, creation and Jewish roots, common themes include animals, birds, butterflies, flowers + leaves, and people, as well as the abstract. Pomegranates and the seven spices are a common theme, particularly on their Judaica items.

From their innovative and colorful wooden carpets, furniture, tableware, art, and Judaica, Kakadu has just what you’re looking for.

As every item is individually hand painted no two are exactly alike.


All Kakadu products are hand painted and coated in a durable and washable lacquer that preserves them through time and usage. The lacquer finish makes Kakadu products extremely resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture. Woods used include carefully selected pinewood and African plywood. Kakadu uses environmentally friendly materials and recycles whenever possible.

Kakadu’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that every item is perfect. Each product goes through an intensive 12 stage process including ensuring you the highest quality product possible.

For More Information

For more information about Kakadu, Home Décor, or Tableware contact our Judaica experts today with any questions or comments.

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