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Dorit Judaica Guide

Dorit Judaica is a line of beautiful and unique Judaic gifts for any occasion. Created by Dorit Klein in Israel, Dorit interweaves Jewish texts, blessings and prayers into her beautiful designs to create stunning and distinctive Judaica items. Dorit Judaica combines traditional designs for paper with modern technologies like laser cutting to create exceptional Judaica gifts for your home. For completing her work of art Dorit Klein employs workers with special needs through Supported Employment. Dorit Judaica gifts are handmade with love in Israel.

Who is Dorit Klein?

Dorit Klein is the mastermind behind the beautiful designs of Dorit Judaica. Dorit is a seventh generation native Israeli, and currently lives in Petach Tikva with her husband and their four children. Dorit began painting at a very young age under the guidance and encouragement of her mother. Always eager to work with new materials and techniques her love for art continually grew. As An observant Jewish woman the Jewish art world was always close to her heart. Dorit dabbled in Judaic art as a hobby while working in commercial graphic design, it wasn’t long before her hobby became her main focus and Dorit Judaica was born. Her affinity for the Jewish religion and familiarity with Jewish texts, prayers and blessings combined with her background in graphic arts paved the way for her original and creative Judaica items.


Integrating her faith with Jewish sources to create lovely Judaica art, Dorit Klein is inspired by Biblical prayers and blessings which she intersperses into unique Judaica items and Home Decor.

Dorit’s unique designs come from the integration of tools and techniques including computerized graphic art, technologies such as laser cutting and traditional paper cuts with Jewish texts. When combined with her unique combination of materials and colors, Dorit is able to create unique and distinctive traditional modern Jewish art.

Common themes include pomegranates, birds, hamsas, the seven spices, floral designs and scenes of Jerusalem, all woven together with Jewish texts, prayers and blessings.


Materials used in Dorit Judaica items include: Stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and glass. Many items are also decorated with Swarovski crystals. Painted wood items are coated with a protective lacquer.

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