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Caesarea Arts Guide

Caesarea Arts serves as one of the foremost creators of Judaica products for these modern times, and are entirely made in Israel. Their assortment of items varies from the traditional Shabbat items such as a challah knife or board, to those of a more business like variety, such as paperweights and desk sets fashioned from Jerusalem stone, the same type of stone that all the buildings of Jerusalem are built from.


Caesarea Arts draws from their natural surroundings for inspiration, whether to the sites constantly being excavated around their historical town, or to the sea and sand that they view outside their windows.

To quote the Bergners, "Living as we do on the shore of the Mediterranean, the quality of our life is determined to a great extent by the sea and all it represents. My family spends as much time as possible combing its beaches, and we are lucky enough to have a bird's eye view of it from every window of our home, including our studio. Willingly or not, our moods and inspiration are in tandem with the mood of the sea. Our work, inevitably organic, is a homage of sorts, a salute to its life and debris."


Caesarea Arts uses a large variety of materials when creating their unique pieces. For their mezuzahs they use things ranging from Jerusalem stone; for an item that can make the owner feel closer to the holy city, all the way to aluminum in a multitude of colors for those looking for modern appeal in the Judaica items for their homes. They have menorahs made from volcanic rock and glass, Jerusalem stone and magnetic bases. There's something for everyone of every taste within the products Caesarea Arts offers.


As far as embellishments and decorations go, Caesarea Arts tends to be on the more minimalist side, choosing instead to have its pieces express themselves through color and sleek design, instead of baubles or extra embellishments. Caesarea Arts mezuzahs do not need attachments to catch the eye, their simple colors and brightness does the job by itself. The candlesticks Caesarea Arts produces are vivid shades of the entire rainbow. By making themselves known for their use of colors and design, they eliminate the need to over-embellish their pieces.

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