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BSD Guide

Jewish art comes in many forms. It can be displayed in wall d?cor, home items, as well as Judaica products. Judaica art can liven up a room in your Jewish home, whether it is an entrance hallway or a living room. Jewish art tends to be a conversation piece; guests often ask about the artist, if there is a connection to Israel, and the story behind the art.

A Jewish home should be a place of warmth and culture, with everything from Jewish books and religious items to Judaica art. When looking for Jewish art, you can either search by artist, category, or price. Wall d?cor tends to be pricier but serves as an item that can be passed down from generation to generation and stay in the family. Other non-traditional Jewish art items include Jewish jewelry and ritual Judaica pieces. BSD offers a wonderful Jewish art collection.

About BSD

BSD has a selection of Jewish art pieces that range from Judaica gifts to Jewish jewelry. BSD offers unique Jewish holiday items, such as Hanukkah Menorahs. Many BSD products have Hebrew and Kabbalistic phrases alike.


Materials used for BSD Jewish art pieces range from sterling silver to gold to other precious stones and metals. Jewish jewelry by BSD includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings perfect for a Bat Mitzvah, birthday, or holiday gift occasion. Some of these jewelry items are adorned with a diamond. Other items such as bracelets are made of string or silicon and feature a sterling silver element.


BSD products often feature Jewish symbols, such as the Magen David or Chai. The Magen David symbol is the Jewish star which has come to represent the Jewish people. The star is now displayed in the center of the flag of the Jewish state of Israel. The Chai symbol is the Hebrew word for 'life.' BSD items also have Jewish themes such as Kabbalah and Choshen. Kabbalah themes include the evil eye and Hamsa, which both represent protection from evil. Many of these symbols are shown on BSD Jewish jewelry pieces.

Additionally, many BSD pieces show connections to Israel and support the IDF. The IDF is the Israeli Defense Forces, or the Israeli army. It is popular for people to show their support of the Israeli army by wearing bracelets that read 'IDF' and necklaces that are dog tags similar to those soldiers wear.

It is common for BSD Jewish jewelry items to feature the words of the Shema prayer or the traveler's prayer. Other symbols include necklaces in the shape of a Mezuzah or flash drives attached to a chain, often with the Tehilim prayer on the USB drive.

For More Information

For more information about BSD or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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