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Osem Guide

Osem is one of the largest Israeli kosher food manufacturers and distributors. Because of this, their products have become a staple in the Israeli foods and snacks industry. All Osem products produced in Israel are certified Kosher under the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and many are any are certified by the Edah HaChareidis as well. Thus, makes Osem one of the key players in the Israeli kosher food industry.

Osem Origins

Founded by seven men in 1942, who decided together that seven owners are better than one, Osem was created as a joint enterprise connecting three different manufacturing companies. The name, Osem (translates to ‘abundance’), was chosen from a prayer said by the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) on Yom Kippur. He would say, “tehe hashana shnat osem (may this year be a year of abundance).” Osem, through their growth and ambition, hopes that every year is a year of Osem.

Since it was established in 1942, Osem shares a unique history with its home country, the State of Israel. As true early Zionists, the production lines in the Osem factories and plants were already up and running before the State of Israel was even established. Osem prides itself on its history of providing food and jobs to the early immigrants in the 1950s, when the young country had a very small amount of resources to provide to its early citizens. Today, it continues to feed and employ the people of Israel.

Osem Foods

Osem products can be found in almost every Israeli home and have become an essential part of the Israeli culinary culture. The Osem group produces approximately 2,000 different products and operates 10 different production facilities in Israel. Therefore, you have a lot to choose from when it comes to Osem. Osem products include cooking and seasoning mixes, sauces for pizza, pasta, and chicken, condiments, pastas (including their famous Israeli couscous), shkedei marak (chicken soup flavored croutons), Osem snacks (including Bamba and Bissli), many types of baked goods, crackers and rice cakes, and instant coffees.

Osem Company

The Osem group, made up of subsidiaries, including, Sabra Salads, Tivall, Of Tov, Nestle Ice Creams, Beit Hashita, Asamim, Nestle-Purina, Materna Limited, Foodtec, and Tribe Mediterranean Foods Limited is majority owned by Nestlé S.A. of Switzerland. The Osem group also has overseas subsidiaries, Osem U.K. Limited and Osem USA Incorporated, who oversee the export to Europe and the United States. Osem is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

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