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Chocolates are not generally thought of as a product of Judaica such as a Hanukkah menorah or Shabbat candlesticks. Chocolate is an international love and has been gently teasing taste-buds for centuries. While chocolate and products from cocoa may still not be exclusive to Israel or Jewish culture, Judaica has certainly taken a foothold in the industry since the founding of Max Brenner in 1996.

What is Max Brenner?

Max Brenner is a chocolate making sensation founded and based in Israel. The company was founded in 1996 after Oded Brenner returned to Israel after six years of studying chocolate and how it’s made in Paris, France. The entrepreneur Brenner went into business with Max Fichtman and they opened a shop where they sold delicious hand-made chocolates. The two combined their names and called the store Max Brenner.

The business boomed and in 1999 they had already opened ten chocolate restaurants and shops. To mark their success, Max and Brenner joined the well-established Strauss Group, an Israeli company known for their dairy products, chocolates, and snack foods. The Max Brenner brand has since been marketed across the globe using the phrase, “Chocolate by the bald man” along with a drawing of a bald man. This campaign has proved quite successful and Max Brenner has now opened stores and restaurants in Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States as well as Israel.


“Chocolate by the bald man” is well known for its stunning collection of chocolate dishes to be found at all its restaurants and stores, and their restaurant menus include full meals most appropriately thought of as pre-chocolate delights. Most Max Brenner chocolate is made with familiar ingredients of mouth-watering quality. These include nuts such as pecan, pistachios, and hazelnuts, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and creamy nougat. With such enticing ingredients, Max Brenner will be the best experience of hand-made chocolate you’ve ever had. All Max Brenner products are certified Kosher by the Rabbinate of Beit Shemesh.

Max Brenner Near You

Israel’s chocolate sensation is now sweeping the world! Besides being able to find a high quality selection of Max Brenner chocolates here at World of Judaica for convenient shipping straight to your home, the bald man of course has his own website, and there may even be a Max Brenner store or restaurant near you!

US locations include 745 Boylston Street in Boston, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, 1500 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, and 841 Broadway in New York City. Australia hosts over 20 Max Brenner locations in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Newcastle. These amazing chocolates can also be enjoyed in the Philippines and Singapore.

In Israel Max Brenner has become a guilty pleasure and elegance and style. It’s a perfect place to go on a first date or treat a friend to luxury on his/her birthday.

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