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Military Surplus Guide

Bulletproof vests are a type of armor worn on the body designed to protect it from the impact of firearm-fired bullets and shrapnel from explosions. While many vests have the ability to protect the wearer from small caliber firearms and projectiles with numerous layers of woven fabric, bulletproof vests still are usually equipped with armor plates made from ceramic, metal or polyethylene. Bulletproof Vests also occasionally have the ability to protect the wearer from cold weapons such as knives.

Bulletproof vests are typically used by police forces, national leaders and political figures as well security personnel, namely soldiers and SWAT Team officers. They are also used by bodyguards. In the modern era, the strongest bulletproof vests with the highest protection values meet the standards of the US-based National Institute of Justice (NIJ) together with those of the government of the country in which it was manufactured.

World of Judaica’s Bulletproof Vest collection includes products that are designed to protect against firearms using polyethylene or ceramic plates. These vests meet the latest standards of the NIJ, currently Standard-0101.04.

What is the NIJ?

The NIJ, or National Institute of Justice, is the research arm of the U.S. Department of Justice. The institute is dedicated to understanding crime and justice through science. NIJ develops technologies related to enforcement of the law and provides a range of tools to state, federal and local law enforcement agencies designed to reduce crime and educate. In addition, NIJ establishes the universal standards for items such as bulletproof vests. The research conducted at NIJ covers a range of disciplines including engineering, criminology, forensic science, biology and chemistry as well as statistics and the social sciences.

How Bulletproof Vests Work

Bulletproof vests use the layers of fibers to deform a bullet and spread its force outward. Each progressive layer absorbs additional energy. This turns the bullet into a disk and brings it to a stop before it can penetrate the vest.

Protection Levels:

Bulletproof vests have different levels of protection that guarantee shielding from different threats. Generally, bulletproof vests are designed to absorb the shell and impact from a bullet. They are generally not designed to protect against knives, although a vest may make a knife attack less lethal.

Please note: Adding Kevlar or another fiber will add protection to your vest. The values listed below are approximate. In addition, the values below take into consideration the velocity of the bullet, force upon impact and the effect on the body. The values allow for a dent about 1.7" deep.

Body Armor Ballistics Resistance Chart – NIJ 0101.04 Standard

NIJ Level Bullet Caliber Projectile Type Weight Grains Velocity: M/S Velocity: FT/S
I 38 Special Round Nose (RN) Lead 158 260 850
I 38 Special + P Semi Wood Cutter (SWC) Lead 158 290 950
I 22 LRHV Lead 40 320 1050
II-A 22 LRHV Lead 40 365 1200
II-A 9 MM Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 124 335 1090
II-A .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) 158 381 1250
II-A .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) 158 395 1300
II-A 22 LRHV (R) Copper Plated Lead 40 440 1450
II 9 MM FML 124 358 1175
II .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) 158 425 1395
II .357 Magnum Soft Jacketed Soft Point (SJSP) 125 440 1450
II 12 Gauge Shotgun Buckshot Pellets – 9 410 1350
II .14 Magnum Lead 210 397 1300
II .44 Magnum Soft Jacketed Soft Point (SJSP) 240 360 1180
III-A 9 MM Lapua Full Metal Cover (FMC) 123 355 1200
III-A 9 MM Norma Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 116 351 1150
III-A 9 MM Geco Full Metal Cover (FMC) 123 366 1200
III-A 9MM Canadian Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 116 381 1250
III-A 9MM Israeli     366 1200
III-A 9MM Cavim Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)   339 1110
III-A .44 Magnum Lead Semi Wood Cutter Gas Check (SWC-GC) 240 425 1400
III-A 9 MM Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 124 425 1400
III-A 9 MM SMG Silvertip HP 115 425 1400
III 7.62 MM NATO (R) USM Ball M80 150 838 2750
III 7.62 MM NATO (R) USM Ball M855 62 925 3050
III 7.62 MM NATO (R) USM Ball M193 55 925 3050
IV 30.06 (R) AMP-2 Armor Piercing 166 868 2850

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