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Laline Guide

Laline is a growing Israeli cosmetics company specializing in aromatic bath and body care. With an emphasis on beautifying the body while feeding the soul, Laline adds a little love to the production of cosmetics and other body care. Laline is currently Israel's leading beauty product chain and is a perfect place to purchase pampering gifts for you, a friend, or loved one.

Laline Origins

Laline was founded in 1999 by two cousins, Merav Cohen and Revital Levi, who based the company on the principles of family, solid friendship, and their feminine bond. Laline body care is a relaxing escape wrapped in a chic container and seeks to pamper even the busiest of people. Now, more than a decade later, as Israel's leading beauty product chain, it has grown steadily from year to year. Laline began as a dream over a cup of coffee with cousins and has since become a preferred location worldwide for buying gifts.

The Products

Laline creates their products with essential oils and scents from the colorful and creative Provence region of France mixed with mineral salts from the Dead Sea in spiritual Israel. The rest of the production takes place in Laline's home state of Israel – from the chemical formulation to the packaging and labeling. Laline produces all their body care in their home, only to send the products straight to yours.

Each Laline product is precisely cared for: the product itself is expertly formulated and designed by Laline's chemists, working hard to reach the perfect texture and aroma, and the packaging is always vintage, stylish, and chic. No product is overlooked.

Laline has many types of products. The products are separated under a few broad types: soaps, facial products, body products, beauty products, fragrances, accessories, candles, textiles, ambiance products, hair products, leisure wear, and special lines for girls, babies, and men. All Laline products, created by mixing natural ingredients with up-to-date research and science, are high in quality and can be found in an infinite array of colors, scents, and textures. Laline also has many products that are specific to each season. The choices are endless when it comes to Laline. Although, one thing is certain: Laline products are sure to pamper.

The Company

Established in 1999, Laline has more than a decade of experience, and continues to pride itself on being a cruelty-free company. Laline continues to grow every year and today has more than 60 locations worldwide, including locations in the United States, Great Britain, Norway, Romania, Canada, Spain, and Serbia.

For More Information

For more information about body care and other Judaica items, please feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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