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At World of Judaica we are committed to the high quality of each and every one of our products. Our Quality Control Team is responsible for thoroughly examining and inspecting our merchandise before it is shipped. We hold to the highest handling and shipping standards to ensure that our valued customers get their purchases in an orderly and timely fashion.

A customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase is welcome to send the item back so as to allow our experienced Quality Control Team to inspect and asses the item for any imperfections. A customer’s money will be refunded or the item replaced if our experts locate any item flaws. Learn more about our Refund Policy and our 45-day refund or exchange policy designed to ensure customer satisfaction.

We encouraged our customers to view our Shipping Policy and our Secure Shopping page for more information on shopping at World of Judaica or simply Contact Us  with any and all information regarding the site and its merchandise.

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